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The Spinning® App Evolution is Here

The Spinning® App Evolution is Here

Posted by Spinning® on Sep 23rd 2022

The Spinning® legacy began with live in-studio and on-stage experiences around the world and has evolved to embrace the popularity of riding at home, at work, on vacation--anywhere and everywhere! With this evolution, the new Spinning® app was imagined and created for the way our community stays fit today. It’s for instructors who seek inspiration as well as training to enhance their own bike fitness. It’s for gym members who combine in-studio classes with at-home rides. For beginners just getting into the saddle, and outdoor cyclists training for race day...the new Spinning® app connects everyone to the Spinning® studio experience with rockstar instructors, 24/7.

Take the Spinning® app with you on your mobile phone or tablet and ride on any bike, wherever life takes you. Your ride history and personal data stays with you, on your app and on the web-based Spinning® Dashboard.

One App, Two Subscription Levels

The new Spinning® app features two subscription levels. With either option you’ll get unlimited workouts with a variety of instructors. With hundreds of rides to choose from and new releases every week, a great mood and good sweat is only a few pedal strokes away. The ever-growing library even includes Beyond the Bike classes like Spin® Core, Spin® Yoga, and Spin® Flex so you can complement your cardio training with toning, strength and flow.

Spinning® Basic is the video-only standard subscription. It features Certified Spinning® Instructors and Master Instructors that deliver exhilarating cycling classes based on the coaching and training techniques behind the Spinning® education program that has certified over 300,000 instructors.

Spinning® Plus is a video plus metrics premium subscription. When this subscription is paired with Bluetooth accessories, you’ll get next-level motivation with real-time metrics during your ride, a post-ride summary, and a detailed workout history. This is Spinning® like you’ve never experienced before.

Using a heart rate monitor and cadence sensor, you’ll see your personalized numbers throughout every ride.

  • Current cadence (pedaling speed), as well as your average and max, and the target set by the instructor.
  • Your heart rate, and also your heart rate zone based on your customized max heart rate.
  • Calories, calculated from heart rate, height and weight for improved accuracy.
  • Distance (theoretical of course), that even takes into account your height.

Pair a power crank to the app and you’ll also get:

  • Current and average power (watts) and even watts/kg. We’re talking serious training made seriously easy.
  • Calories burned based on kJs so you’ll get a true number, which you can use for weight loss goals or even just for personal challenges.
  • Power Testing is built into the app, so you can determine your threshold power (aka FTP or PST). This makes your training extremely effective because when the instructor coaches you to aim for a certain zone, you’ll know precisely when you’ve hit it.
Level Up

With two subscription options in one app, you can level up quickly and easily! No need to remove or install a new app or create a new account. Simply change your subscription online to Spinning® Plus and pair your devices (heart rate monitor, and cadence sensor or power crank). You’ll retain your workout history as you continue your Spinning® journey with the extra motivation and inspiration that your personalized metrics provide.

Get connected to Spinning® with three easy steps:

  1. Create your profile
  2. Start a subscription
  3. Download the iOS or Android app (you’ll receive a link after creating your subscription)

Place your phone or tablet in the media mount on your bike, open the app and enjoy the ride!

Connect to the Spinning® experience now and get ready to ride!