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The Power of Education: A Case Study with East Butler County YMCA

The Power of Education: A Case Study with East Butler County YMCA

Posted by Spinning® on Mar 14th 2019

The East Butler County YMCA supports its purchase of Spinner® Chrono Power bikes with eight SPINPower® certification trainings. See how equipment and education equals results for members!

An outdoor waterpark, a rock climbing wall, and full-day child care center are just some of the eye-popping amenities that attract families to the East Butler County YMCA in Hamilton, Ohio. This center commits to its members’ health and wellness by always providing the best equipment and benefits. And late last year, they demonstrated that commitment again with the purchase of 26 brand new Spinner® Chrono Power bikes.

Dozens of Ys across the United States have acquired Spinner® bikes for their authenticity and reliability. With micro-adjustments on both the saddle and handlebars, these bikes can accommodate riders of any shape, size or experience. The narrow Q factor (i.e. the space between the pedals) of Spinner® bikes also ensure proper alignment of the hips, knees and ankles so that participants experience an authentic ride that feels like they’re on the road. And with powder-coated panels and a magnetic resistance system, the Spinner® Chrono Power is among the most reliable bikes on the market.

But the bike isn’t the only thing that guarantees a quality Spinning® class. It takes well-trained instructors to coach safe movements, motivate them through high-intensity efforts, and teach them sound training principles so that riders see the results they crave.

With that goal in mind, the East Butler County Y hosted two SPINPower® Certification trainings on November 17th and 18th, 2018. The Y needed to host two certifications over the weekend to accommodate 35 instructors who wanted to attend.

Fitness professionals in Ohio are seeking out these power-based trainings for a simple reason; they work. As the weight loss program led by Master Instructor Danielle Foster at Natatorium in Cuyahoga Falls proved, watt-tracking technology empowers students to get an accurate measurement of their effort and the number of calories burned. Over the course of a periodized program, they see how much strength they gained or weight they lost through precise measurements like watts per kilogram that can easily be tracked on the Spinner® Chrono Power.

Another key to the success of these trainings was the leadership of Mark Tickner, a Power Specialist Master Instructor with over 30 years of success in cycling, running and triathlons. He is part of a team of PSMIs who explain the basics and benefits of power-based training and how to introduce it to your students.

Tickner also specializes in setting individuals goals for each student. “I realize that everyone is unique and individual,” he explains “And each athlete needs a different focus from even a like-minded and similarly able athlete. With this in mind I might try one approach of periodized training methodology with one athlete and another method with another athlete. Each program is unique and individual to each athlete, based around the athlete's individual strengths.”

These November trainings were such a success that the facility is hosting eight more back-to-back certifications for the remainder of 2019. Now, with every Spinning® class at the East Butler County YMCA using power-based trainings, its members can see real results on their SPINPower® computers. The instructors can take the guesswork out of training and ensure real results, which alongside the other amenities, will keep clients coming back for more.

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