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Smart Ways to Shape Up Your Spinning® Program

Smart Ways to Shape Up Your Spinning® Program

Posted by Spinning® on Jul 8th 2021

Updated: May 10, 2022

It’s almost summer and while many people’s lives are still returning to normal, we’re hopeful that your club is starting to buzz with excitement and new members. Whether it’s already humming or you’re just getting out of the gates post-pandemic, it’s time to shape up your Spinning® program.

Take a good look around…are your bikes clean and maintained? Are your class schedules updated and posted? OK, then you’ve taken care of the obvious. But how about a few more tips to really set those flywheels into motion?

Free Referrals!

Make sure your Spinning® facility is listed at It’s a free benefit to our official Spinning® facilities, and each month thousands of potential members use it to find out where they can ride. So don’t miss out on this free advertising opportunity.

To check your listing, go to the “Find a Class” page on and input your location. Is your club there? If it’s not, or if the information needs to be updated, please fill out this FORM.

Host a Training!

Hosting a training is a great way to increase your instructor pool. That way, you’ll also have the opportunity to ensure each instructor is trained as thoroughly as possible through the Spinning® program and its philosophy.

Onboard your entire staff!

This year, you may be bringing on new instructors and support personnel or even re-training previous staff. Don’t sweat it. We can help!

To shift your Spinning® program into high gear, we’d like to offer you and your staff a free online course to reboot, revive and re-open!

SPINNING® QUICK START: The Power of the Program will help everyone on your team—from your welcome desk to your instructors. It’s an onboarding course that ensures your entire team has the Spinning® Program knowledge to support your members! They will learn:

  • What makes the Spinning® Program special through its philosophy, coaching and cueing, music and rhythm, and creative expression.
  • Why your Spinner® bikes are the best in the industry, designed for optimal bike fit, safety and performance.
  • Best of all? This course is the perfect introduction to power. Whether you have Spinner® Chrono™ bikes or power cranks, you want your staff to be able to answer questions about what power is, and how power training is key to achieving fitness goals.

Certified instructors who take the course can also complete additional modules and learning activities to earn CECs: 3.0 SPIN® and .3 ACE.

Get free access to the course today!

Demand the best!

Your certified Spinning® instructors are the greatest asset to your program. And the better they are, the more bikes you’ll fill day after day. Keep tabs on their skills to make sure your classes are safe, motivational and meet the objectives your members want. Your instructors will thank you for helping them to reach their potential, and your program will stand out among the rest. Need help reviewing their performance? Read about our Spinning® Instructor Evaluation.

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Psst. Here’s one more secret to shape up your Spinning® program this summer... We have even more in store for you as an Official Spinning Facility (OSF) – in fact, an entire Marketing Materials Package with flyers, brochures and more to help you spring ahead of the pack. LEARN MORE!