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Rockstar Instructors Share Their Best Cues

Rockstar Instructors Share Their Best Cues

Posted by Spinning® on Oct 3rd 2019

Updated February 19, 2021

Music is key to creating a winning ride for your students, yet there’s more to being a Rockstar Instructor than putting together a great playlist. If you want to learn how to use the rhythm and feel of music to improve your riders’ experience, as well as motivate your riders, we’re here to help! This month, we’ve launched a NEW course Intro to Using Music like a Rockstar! You’ll learn how to blend “rhythm riding” and the energy of the music while keeping your riders true to form. The course also includes fun learning activities so you can apply your new insights with cueing and coaching practice. One of the best ways to shine for your students is through language, and some of our Rockstar Instructors share their best cues and commands.

If you’re a longtime Spinning® instructor, many cues tend to come up over and over again. “Push harder,” “recover” and “climb” are some of the most common commands imparted by indoor cycling leaders. These elements of a Spinning® ride are common because they work; moments of aerobic and anaerobic work followed by recovery periods have proven to produce fitness gains. But what are some other ways that we can generate excitement in these moments so that they don’t feel stale or routine for our students?

One obvious way to add variety in class: change up your language! We must find new and captivating ways to say the things that come up constantly in Spinning® classes. The Rockstar Spinning® Instructor Certification devotes time for students to come up with new ways to say common cues so that every class feels fresh for new and returning students. And some of our rockstar instructors have been gracious enough to share some of their best cues.

Don’t just tell your riders to “RELAX.” Instead, instruct them to…

  • “Leave the stress at the door. Shake off the day. Concentrate on your ride and leave everything else at the door.” – Jacqueline F., Fort Knox, KY
  • “Take all the tension out of the body and put it into the flywheel. Ease up on the handlebars; release some pressure out of that grip.” – Amanda A., South Portland, ME
  • “Release the shoulders down away from your ears. Ease any pressure in your face. Lighten your focus.” – Amy S., Lockport, IL
  • “Soften the muscles in your face and neck. Drop your shoulders away from your ears. Check your body for tension and let it go.” – Megan F., Montrose, CO
  • “Breathe through your muscles. Take some tension off and cruise.” – Charles H., Streamwood, IL
  • “Close your eyes and visualize the worries of your day peeling off of you like layers of an onion. If you can, wiggle your toes to loosen any stress in your feet. Sit up straight with a proud chest.” – Julia L., Pico Rivera, CA

Rather than just calling on the class to “ CLIMB,” try saying…

  • “Add altitude. Increase your elevation. Move into the clouds. Let's find some higher scenery.” – Michael M., Newton, PA
  • “Hammer the hill. Put force in those pedals. Burn the legs. Get to the top.” – Björn B., Höör, Sweden
  • “Claw your way up the hill. Fight! Strong legs like pistons. Fire those quads and hamstrings. Be bold and brace for a strong effort.” – Joanne S., Media, PA
  • “Stick your butt back, create a long back. Push with your feet with your heels to the floor. Imagine that hill in front of you. Tackle each step like you tackle the day.” – Courtney J., Enfield, CT
  • “Kill that hill! Generate power with your pedals. Dig deep. Focus on the incline and push!” – Coleen W., Houma, LA
  • “Imagine you are climbing your favorite trail and you can see the top. Tell your legs to shut up and fall in love with climbing. Turn the ‘ow’ into ‘pow’! Enjoy the feeling of power. Anybody can quit now, but you are not just anybody.” – Michele F., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We could simply “ FEEL THE MUSIC,” or we can our students to…

  • “Let the sounds lift you!” – Fahim M., UAE
  • “Lose yourself in rhythm. Let the music take you on this climb.” – Amy S., Lockport, IL
  • “Close your eyes and let the music carry you.” – Jeff B., Great Neck, NY
  • “Let the soundwaves fall over you. Feel it in your soul!” – Michelle A., Lake Jackson, TX
  • “Feel the ambiance. Sense the rhythm. Touch the vibes.” – Sam B., Garfield, NJ
  • “Allow the melody to move you along to our goal.” – Ross F., Westmount, Quebec

If you want your riders to “ RIDE TO THE RHYTHM ,” spice up your cues with…

  • “Let your mind focus on the melody. Move your feet to the beat.” – Philip S., Shelby Township, MI
  • “There is a pattern to the music. Can you form that pattern in your pedal stroke?” – Janet E., State College, PA
  • “Get into the beat and become a rock star. Imagine you are the drummer and you are on stage. Put on a show!” – Linda H., Ashland, OR
  • “Let the bass drive your feet. Match the attitude in the guitar.” – Margaret A., Downers Grove, IL
  • “Connect with those drums. Sync your legs with the music. Feel like you’re dancing!” – Waleska S., Rincon, Puerto Rico

Want students to “ PICK UP THE CADENCE”? Try motivating them with…

  • “Let's fly! Leave your doubt in the dust. Remember purposeful pedal strokes. Let's go!” – Diana B., Taylorsville, UT
  • “Get the molasses out of your legs and pick it up! Like you’re trying to catch the next rider on the road.” – Alison B., Bellevue, NE
  • “Give a little more power into your pedal. Get ready to surge.” – Christine M., Gansevoort, NY
  • “We are riding with the peloton, and you need to breakaway from that pack.” – Scotti M., State College, PA
  • “Leave it all on the bike. Last couple seconds! Work like there’s recovery coming.” – Vivian A., Bellerose, NY
  • “Don't lose the pace; accelerate!” – Klaus W., Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
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