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Lucas Irwin Brings Mindfulness to WSSC 2019

Lucas Irwin Brings Mindfulness to WSSC 2019

Posted by Spinning® on Mar 4th 2019

Coach and Certified Mindfulness Instructor Lucas Irwin will bring his 20 years of experience to the World Spinning & Sports Conditioning Conference in Miami. We spoke to him about his unique take on mindfulness for Spinning® enthusiasts and instructors.

Q: Describe Rebel Mindfulness. How did you get started creating your mindfulness practice?

Lucas: My personal mindfulness practice was ignited shortly after the birth of my first daughter. I noticed immediately how difficult it was to be present and attentive when I was home; I started seeing my mind wander into thought about work and tasks. Fortunately, I was familiar with mindfulness and meditation, and I revisited the practice with this new motivation and haven't looked back.

Years later, I started REBEL Mindfulness with the intention of helping others learn about the practice, the benefits and the science in hopes that it would help them as much as it helped me. And it certainly has.

Q: How did you get started in your fitness career?

Lucas: I have been heavily involved in fitness since I was in high-school. It continued through my time as an NCAA athlete and now in a career as the founder of REBEL Mindfulness and Steelhouse Fitness Miami. When I finished my MBA, my wife and I found ourselves underwhelmed by the direction our lives were headed. Having both worked in the fitness industry, we decided to take a chance and attempt to open a fitness facility. Eleven years later, we have one of the highest-rated facilities in the state of Florida.

Q: What are some ways in which Spinning® instructors can apply mindfulness to their classes?

Lucas: The benefits of mindfulness are vast, particularly for group classes like Spinning®. Spinning® Certification does introduce the mind/body connection, but the four sessions at WSSC this year will take it further. A couple of the many ways in which Spinning® instructors can benefit are:

1. Stress and Fatigue Management – Busy schedules and lots of interpersonal interaction can take a toll on our mind and body. Mindfulness can help us better manage and work with these two areas, especially when we’re tackling heavy hills or sprints in Spinning® classes.

2. Connection – Mindfulness helps us better connect to the moment we are in, our body and those around us. When we are more connected and present, it shows. It shows in our energy, enthusiasm and our ability to read and adjust to the moods and energy of the people we are working with. That’s why I’m so excited to bring these sessions to a massive gathering of professionals like WSSC.

Q: How can Spinning® enthusiasts benefit from mindfulness as well?

Lucas: I have seen real improvements in individual's ability to adhere to programs, maintain consistency and objectively identify their weaknesses and/or negative habits. All of which contribute to long-term success. These benefits are not just limited to Spinning® enthusiasts and participants, but they certainly help in adhering to your training program and powering through challenges.

Q: What are some other ways that we can combine mindfulness with high-intensity modalities like Spinning®?

Lucas: I love the combination of mindfulness with training and many professional sports teams are taking full advantage of this. Mindfulness can help us better connect with our body and performance, even assist with our perceived perceptions of pain and exhaustion! Additionally, I love how mindfulness can help us layer in gratitude and appreciation for all that we are capable of doing.

Q: We’re thrilled to be able to four mindfulness sessions at this year’s WSSC. Can you describe the four sessions that will you be presenting?

Lucas: At this year's WSSC, I will be presenting sessions that each focus on a different aspect of mindfulness.

Mindful Communication will exam working with our ability to better connect through listening and expressing.

In Mindful Perspective, we’ll look at how managing our perspective can change our entire life.

Mindful Stress-Management will be about taking control of the stress in our lives and filtering what matters.

And in The Mindful Hustle, we’ll see how mindfulness can enhance our productivity, creativity and growth.

Be sure to check our Lucas and his sessions at this year's WSSC!

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