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Josh Taylor Celebrates 20 Years in Spinning®

Josh Taylor Celebrates 20 Years in Spinning®

Posted by Spinning® on Sep 6th 2018

This fall, join us in celebrating Josh Taylor's 20-year anniversary with Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning®. Find out how he discovered the program over two decades ago and his vision for the future!

Josh is a Master Instructor, Senior Advisor, Global Brand Ambassador, and a true champion of fitness and the Spinning community! His professionalism, expertise and professional bike racing background has put him in a class of his own, and we are proud to have Josh at the forefront of Spinning®.

So how did Josh get into Spinning® 20 years ago this month? Here's Josh in his own words:

“I grew up on the east coast. Winters are cold and windy for the most part, and to train everyday as a competitive cyclist day after day in that type weather is very hard to do. On some of those really cold and damp days, I would ride my rollers at a small health club just outside of my hometown.

“One day I was riding in the group fitness studio with the music cranked up doing what I needed to do for interval training on the bike. Then in walks the club manager who proceeds to tell me about this crazy indoor cycling program he had just seen at IHRSA called "Spinning." I was like... 'Spinning...what the hell is that?'

“Long story short... I took my first class and fell in love with a program. I came to find out that the program started with two guys who also wanted a safe way to train indoors, and it would always stay true to those road cycling roots.

“I started teaching Spinning® classes at that small health club a few months later and that would start me on a journey I never thought possible. A year later became a Master Instructor for Spinning®! Crazy how things happen!”

Josh has spent the last two decades of his life pushing the limits of Spinning® and helping the brand grow to become what it is today. You hope you join us in celebrating his incredible dedication to the program for the last 20 years.