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Introducing Spinning® Connect™

Introducing Spinning® Connect™

Posted by Spinning® on Feb 11th 2020

Think of it as your own fitness tech team

On a team, the sum of the squad is greater than its individual members, and we think you’re going to feel that way about your new Spinning® Connect crew. Meet the comfortable Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™, the accurate Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Cadence Sensor™, and the versatile Spinning® Connect™ App.

They’re all part of a digital ecosystem coined Spinning® Connect™ for a reason—they seamlessly connect your ride so you can monitor and track yourself before, during, and after your time on the bike. Did we mention they’re a portable solution you can take with you anywhere?

Read on to learn more about the individual components—Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™ and Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Cadence Sensor™—and then learn how they function as a team in concert with the app to give you an unparalleled edge on your next ride.

Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Cadence Sensor™

What is cadence? If you’re new to indoor cycling – or simply need a refresher—it’s helpful to know that cadence represents pedaling speed. It’s quantified by the number of pedal revolutions per minute (RPM). Thus, a cadence sensor, which is strapped to the bike crank (a lever which enables riders to gauge performance), measures pedal revolutions. However, the point of measuring cadence is not to pedal as fast as you can. Rapid pedaling alone won’t actually give you the results you desire. It’s actually two variables – cadence in conjunction with resistance – that impact power and energy output (calorie burn).

The Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Cadence Sensor™ captures real-time cycling cadence (RPM) by attaching to any Spinner® bike crank for indoor cycling, as well as most outdoor bikes. In a single pairing, you can connect seamlessly to any Spinning® app – whether at home or in a studio. This cadence sensor is also technologically compatible with a broad variety of devices – from smartphones to traditional tablets. It functions in dual-mode with both Bluetooth® and ANT+ mobile devices. Never heard of ANT+ before? It’s a signal protocol that, in this case, allows you to connect your cadence sensor to other Spin® devices. The kicker? It runs on an easily replaceable common CR2032 coin cell battery.

Why do you need one of these gadgets?

The cadence range on a flat road is 80-110 RPM, while on a hill it’s 60-80 RPM. The best way to know you’re in range is with a cadence monitor. Unless of course you want to go at it the old-fashioned way and count your leg rotations. No thanks!

Now, continue reading to learn why this cadence sensor in tandem with the Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™ and Spinning® Connect™ App are the top choice for a completely modular unit of Spin®-synching products.

Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™

Next up is the Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™, and we’re fired up about this new product variation. This heart rate monitor is unique in that a breathable armband is worn on the forearm and can fit comfortably on anyone. Gone are the days of being embarrassed in the studio when you had to lift your shirt to adjust the chest strap! It also happens to be water-resistant and splash-proof to withstand your most grueling workout. Did we mention you can use it for up to 10 hours on a single charge? Plus, the battery is rechargeable and a magnetic lock charging cable is included.

How about the tech specs? This heart rate monitor uses optical heart rate technology, which means that it uses light to measure blood circulation in the body. This ensures the most accurate and reliable heart rate monitoring. Like the Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Cadence Sensor™, this product is also dual-mode compatible for both Bluetooth and Ant+ devices like cycling computers, most gym equipment, and smartphones.

Why do you need one of these gadgets?

Besides the fact that heart rate training will improve the quality of your training and optimize your ride – as well as any or all of the specific winning points mentioned above – there’s another big reason to go with the Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™. It’s technologically designed to synch your heart rate to a variety of devices: Spinner® Chrono, SPINPower® Studio Computer, Spinning® Studio Computer, and the SPINNING® CONNECT™ App. In essence, you can use this particular heart rate monitor with these other technology accessories you already have.

But, if you want to go for the BIG win, opt to bundle the Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Cadence Sensor™, Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™ and Spinning® Connect™ App, all of which have been designed as modular pieces of one system. Together, they ensure the optimal experience in comfort, ease, and accuracy through the latest developments in health science and technology. They work as a team, completely in sync, to do something pretty ground-breaking. Keep reading to find out what…

How do these products work together as a team to support you – the rider?

By bundling these three products, you get a fully integrated ecosystem you can take anywhere (be it the hills outdoors, home or gym studio), which gives you ALL the information you need to track and monitor your ride, exercise activity, and intensity at any time, in any place. Oh, and yeah, all of the metrics you’ll have access to are completely personalized.

Based on data points you input (gender, height and weight), as well as the specifics of your heart rate and cadence while you’re riding, you’ll know when to recover and when to exert yourself with a ride into the wind, so to speak. Thus, the overall improvements you seek will be within your reach.

You’ll be able to see – truly visualize – your own progress, not just exercise generalizations, moment-by-moment as well as over time. And this truly is the golden nugget to a happy ride. It’s this degree of knowing your performance that allows you to acknowledge yourself – where you’re currently at, as well as the strides you’ll take, and the gains you’ll make. This allows you to go further, higher, and faster…in the longest race. Your life.

Welcome and congrats – to you and your new team.