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How to Fortify a “Clean Workout”

How to Fortify a “Clean Workout”

Posted by Spinning ® on Mar 10th 2020

There’s a lot about the average gym or studio that conjures a teeming haven for germs, viruses and bacteria – frequently touched machinery and sweaty bodies in close proximity.

Due to the Coronavirus, we all need to pay attention to the precautions and best practices that will help provide health, safe workout environments for our studios, members and ourselves. So we’ve rounded up a list of informative posts with tips to keep workouts as “clean” as possible. (Click on the red links below for the articles.)

If you already know quite a bit about the virus and want to skip directly to the “clean workout” tips, here’s our roundup:

The most basic of healthy hygiene habits will give you a leg-up on prevention in communal spaces and in general:

1. Wash your hands.

2. Don’t touch your face.

3. Cover your cough/sneeze.

4. If you’re sick, stay home.

If you’re a gym owner or instructor: Pay particular attention to the IHRSA post above. It will be reassuring to your members that you’re educated about the implications for Coronavirus at the gym – and are taking measures to combat it. Those might include:

1. Tell your staff and members to stay home if sick.

2. Invest in hospital-grade disinfectant solutions and apply it generously three times a day.

3. In addition to larger cleaning sessions, wipe down equipment after each and every block.

If you’re a gym member: It’s helpful and a bit reassuring to know that many gyms are doubling-down on their sanitation protocols already, though it’s important that you cover your own bases too. Here’s how:

1. Wipe down equipment

2. Wear gloves

3. Avoid peak gym hours

To your health!