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​Host a Certification and Receive $$$

​Host a Certification and Receive $$$

Posted by Spinning® on Oct 21st 2021

Whether you’re an instructor or facility manager, we want to remind you of the benefits of hosting a Spinning® Instructor Certification at your facility. It’s the most convenient way to earn your own certification, certify the entire team and even recruit new instructors from the area.

Hosting is also free and simple—your facility provides the space and the Spinner® bikes, and helps us promote the event, and we send the Master Instructor to you! It’s that easy.

But hosting a training is also very “green” right now too with our Host Incentive Program! 

For certification trainings booked now, Official Spinning® Facilities (OSFs) can earn cash awards or store credits. You will also receive one complimentary registration training!

More specifics: For each certification workshop hosted by an Official Spinning® Facility with a minimum of 10 paid attendees, you’ll receive your choice of a cash award or store credit.

Cash Award = $25 per paid attendee or Store Credit = $30 per paid attendee

Paid Attendees Cash Award Store Credit
10 $250 $300
15 $375 $450
20 $500 $600

Think of the green you’ll receive as money that can go back into your facility in fresh ways. You might consider creating a scholarship program to help other instructors get certified, hosting a party for your instructors, or even gifting T-shirts to your members. Bottom line, hosting a Spinning® training benefits your facility in many ways, and now it can deliver even more rewards. The question is…what will you do with your green incentive?

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You can also check out some recent testimonials below, which reveal how rewarding and fun it is to host! We’re certain you’ll be inspired!

It is an absolute honor to be an Official Spinning® Facility, as well as a live host site for certifications and continuing education. Not only has it brought us wonderful clientele thanks to the strong brand but our instructors have learned to create and lead high quality classes from the original indoor cycling program leaders!

-Misti Trescone, Thrive Fitness and Wellness Studio, LLC

The Spinning® program is synonymous with quality, safety, and fun. Our affiliation ensures the safest instruction and most up-to-date programming in the field. We take pride in delivering a Spinning® program that is backed by science!

-Christie Simoson, Georgetown University

It's no secret that indoor cycling classes are trending up across the nation. We knew that in order to stay competitive in our market that we needed an edge. Likewise, we began investing in our equipment and talent. By adding 26 Spinner® Chrono Power bikes and hosting a SPINPower® training for our team, we have increased class attendance by 33%! Our members rave about the quality of our bikes and instructor team. We are about to host our next certification, the Rockstar Instructor Certification, to take our classes to the next level and are excited for what the future holds for our Spinning program!

-Christy Chen, Fishers YMCA

We purchased 20 Spinner® Chrono Power bikes. 4 out of the 6 certified Spinning® Instructors took the SPINPower® training that was held at our facility in November. Since the arrival of these 20 black beauties coupled with the advanced knowledge of SPINPower® our classes have been ON FIRE!!! There is so much energy in the room, it's intoxicating! Our attendance has grown by 48%!!!

-Holly Pettlon, PWA Fitness Center

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