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Francesco Sivieri, Spinning® Master Instructor | Italy

Francesco Sivieri, Spinning® Master Instructor | Italy

Posted by Spinning® on Aug 23rd 2018

Quoting a very important song, Francesco could probably say that sport has always been the big “Love of My Life.” Not being keen on studying, he decided to transform a passion into a job. He practiced soccer, tennis, volleyball, skiing, cycling, running and most of all…Spinning® as the result of the best qualities of all these activities.

He is the Founder & CEO of Hitechwell.com, a company that supports the Spinning® program with music. He is also the shareholder of Mad Dogg Athletics Srl Italy and is the President of Fispin Academy, ASD. In addition, he is also a Pilates and functional training consultant and expert.

His expertise lies in organization, management, selling and communication skills, due to his many years of experience in this field.