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Find Your Ride on the Spinning® App

Find Your Ride on the Spinning® App

Posted by Spinning® on Sep 21st 2022

The Spinning® app offers a huge variety of rides to choose from with new releases every week! Every time you hop on the saddle you can find your perfect ride based on your mood, goals, favorite instructor or amount of time in your schedule. To help you choose, read on to learn more about the categories you’ll find on the home screen.


Here you’ll find tutorial videos for bike setup and riding technique as well as a 4-part series called Back to the Bike with Trent David. It’s the perfect way to begin or get back in the saddle if you’re returning after a pause, just recovered from illness or injury, or even if you’re a seasoned pro who just wants to start fresh. It’s a gradual, purposeful progression of rides that will re-introduce the basics, and coach you to set fitness goals.


A hallmark of the Spinning® program is the “It’s your ride” philosophy. With this collection, we take that sentiment and make each ride about YOU in specific ways. Choose the one that celebrates, affirms and uplifts what you need for your ride today


Most rides fall into one of the four types below, each with its own style and personality while being rooted in the cycling training principles and moves that define Spinning®. So choose the type you love and also explore different styles!


Power Training classes are for you if you have a power-crank equipped bike, or if you just want to train with a focus on power output and performance. Learn to measure, track and improve your power with these motivating, performance-oriented rides! 


Calling all music focused riders! Lose yourself in the rhythm with this fun and upbeat class where the music tempo and structure drives the workout.  


A Classic class features the hallmark elements that epitomize the Spinning® program: riding technique that mirrors outdoor cycling, coaching that includes mental imagery and visualization, and of course the emotional connection to the music and the movement.  


With a theme ride your instructor will take you on a journey designed to elicit an emotional connection to your workout. It may be a mental focus, intention, music genre, or even an inspiration from nature.

Tip: Mixing it up helps you step out of your comfort zone and train with more variety--a total boon to your overall fitness!


Want to ride with purpose? With Skills & Drills rides you'll be coached to learn and practice specific cycling skills like pedal stroke technique, cadence, pacing and more. Each ride focuses on one skill and teaches drills that you can use over and over again every time you ride. The Skills & Drills series is perfect for those days when you want to get a good workout in, but you're also hungry for knowledge and techniques that will engage your mind, strengthen your body and power up your performance.

Tip: If learning is your jam, consider enrolling in the online Spinning® Instructor Certification!


Get ready for something special with JT Underground! Rides with the world-renowned Josh Taylor have been a highlight of sold-out Spinning® events around the globe for years. And now the Spinning® community has the opportunity to ride and train with him on a more personal level—from his very own home! The lights, cameras and action take place from a studio he built in his basement, hence the name “JT Underground.” This studio is as special to Josh as it is to all of us who ride with him. It gives him the opportunity to share his passion and knowledge on a regular basis, in between the live, mega events on the big stage. So tune in, clip in, and let’s ride with Josh!


Spinning® is no doubt your favorite cardio workout, but you also need resistance training, toning and core work to complement your time in the saddle. The benefits of core training even extend to your ride – by strengthening and stabilizing your core muscles, you’ll become a powerhouse on the bike. Each Beyond the Bike workout starts with a ride and ends with approx. 15 minutes off the bike. With SPIN® Core you’ll end with a core training focus, and with SPIN® Flex you’ll get resistance training. For some workouts, all you need is a mat, while others use fun, home-friendly equipment like resistance tubing or Ugi® balls and Resist-A-Balls®.

Tip: You can minimize the metrics tiles in the app for the off-bike portion of the workout.


Spinning® training is an athletic blend of strength (resistance), speed (cadence) and stamina (time). Some classes combine all three elements, but most focus on one or two. Strength rides are geared toward building leg power by climbing hills in and out of the saddle--moderate to heavy resistance and lower cadence ranges (60-80 RPM). Speed classes build your pedal turnover ability with light to moderate resistance levels and higher cadence ranges (80 – 110 RPM). Stamina rides build endurance with longer overall workout duration or holding steady state for periods of time.

Tip: Try stepping (or pedaling) outside your comfort zone now and then. Choose the type of ride that’s not necessarily your favorite to keep your training balanced and avoid those fitness plateaus.


Spinning® Master Instructors are perhaps best known as the educators of the Spinning® program. They provide support, training and inspiration to Certified Spinning® Instructors around the globe. When you ride with a Master Instructor on the Spinning® app, you’ll be coached by a Spinning® leader with a deep connection to the program’s legacy and heritage.


From a studio in Barcelona, this special collection of rides features Eva Garcia, beloved Spinning® Master Instructor. The cueing is in Spanish, but the joy of Spinning® is universal.

Tip: Eva also has rides in English. Look for her under the Master Instructors category, or filter the rides by her name and set the language to English.


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