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6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Spinning® Program This Summer

6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Spinning® Program This Summer

Posted by Spinning® on May 26th 2021

June 2022: The summer months are here, and Spinning® studios around the world are still hustling to get riders back in the saddle. To help out these clubs and facilities, we have six ideas from our Spinning® team, which are sure to rev up the Spinning® passion during these hot months ahead.

Tour de France® Promotional Event: Coordinate a Spinning® program schedule in conjunction with the Tour de France. Post each day’s stages and ride to the stage profile. Hand out leader jerseys each day (random drawing) and post the members names who complete all 21 stages!

Shape-Up for Summer Program: Schedule a fitness assessment (VO2 Max testing, body fat testing, etc) at the beginning and end of a six-week period this summer. Have students establish goals for class attendance, weight loss, dietary changes, etc. Put up stars next to their names on a board each week for meeting the requirements for eating and exercising consistently. Finish the program with another assessment and give awards to those who improved during the program.

Breakfast Club: Rise and shine! For each morning Spinning® training session your members attend, they get a Breakfast Club card punched. The goal is to accumulate points toward prizes like T-shirts, bike shorts and water bottles.

"Grand Prize" Ride: Organize a 4-hour event for mid-to-late summer. Riders ride through the early summer months to stay in condition for the event. Set up a prize system for those who document the most miles ridden during Spinning® classes throughout summer (each class is assigned to a “mileage” level). Use a huge, visible chart to create excitement and visibility. Come up with a fun and exciting grand prize with a local business in exchange for business exposure.

Outside/Inside Rides: Organize an outdoor ride after a Spinning® ride. Use the fundamentals used inside to optimize and assist riders when they are out on the road. Emphasize breathing, relaxation, rhythm, tempo, standing and sitting movement that riders have been practicing indoors.

Triathlon Programs: On Saturday and Sunday, follow rides with a road ride, run, or swing to stimulate a mini-triathlon. Spinner® bikes are also great to practice bike-to-run transitions. One excellent workout for competitive triathletes is called “mini bricks.” Ride for 10 minutes, then get off and run for 5 minutes – either outdoors or on treadmills. Four sets equals an hour of power. This simulates the difficult triathlon transition and helps develop the body’s ability to buffer lactate.