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5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Spinner® Chrono™ Power

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Spinner® Chrono™ Power

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

When Spinning® created group indoor cycling 25 years ago, it all started with the “Beast,” the original Spinner® bike. Our first bike revolutionized the fitness industry by combining a strong, tubular steel frame and perimeter-weighted flywheel to bring the feel of a real road bike indoors. Spinning has always been on the cutting edge of indoor cycling technology, and we’re poised to set a new industry standard with the Spinner Chrono™ Power, our first magnetic resistance bike.

Mag bikes are all the rage because of their smooth ride and power measurement. Spinning was one of the first programs to offer power-meter technology on an indoor cycling bike, so the prospect of even more accurate readings is hugely important to us. But we didn’t want to just chase market trends. We didn’t want to rush and offer a product that wasn’t fully realized. The Spinning program never does anything halfway. So after three years of development, we are proud to bring the world’s best mag bike to facility owners, instructors and riders around the world.Learn MoreHere are five reasons why the Spinner Chrono Power is a mag bike done right:

1. A Reliable Design

Spinner bikes have always been built to last. Every contour on the bike’s frame and body panel channels sweat away from the bike to reduce corrosion and wear. The aluminum construction of the Spinner Chrono Power also makes the frame more resistant to rust. Like all Spinner bikes, the Chrono Power will deliver an exceptional riding experience for hundreds of thousands of classes.

Durability is just one of the hallmarks of all Spinner bikes. The other is feel, and it’s an essential part of every bike we make…

2. The Feel of a Real Road Bike

The designers at Mad Dogg Athletics had one major requirement for the very first magnetic Spinner bike; it must maintain the feel of a real road bike. Other mag bikes on the market have an artificial riding experience and a non-linear resistance load. To alleviate those issues found on other mag bikes, we developed a first-of-its-kind brake caliper system to ensure that the resistance is linear and consistent. The designers combined this revolutionary caliper system with an over-sized, perimeter-weighted flywheel that provides the same authentic ride of a real outdoor bike with no dead spots. Riders and instructors can enjoy the same stable, authentic experience as they get with all Spinner bikes.

But the Chrono Power delivers more than just the feel of a road bike. It offers the latest developments in fitness tracking technology with the…

3. State-of-the-Art SPINPower® LCD Console

Every Spinner Chrono Power comes standard with the SPINPower® Computer Console so that instructors and riders can accurately assess their true effort and calories burned with power meter technology. While other mag bikes estimate power based on calculations, the strain gauge on the Spinner Chrono Power offers the most accurate reading of watts (an accurate measure of a rider’s true effort) and kilojoules (an accurate measure of the number of calories burned). This means even more detailed training data for real fitness results.

The 5-inch LCD color display is backlit for a clear view of a rider’s training data no matter what room or environment they are in. The interval function also empowers instructors and riders to track their progress over the course of a class. And because the bike generates its own power, the computer never needs an outlet or a new battery.

The computer console includes another important feature that enhances the class experience…

4. No Complicated Setup, Just Get On and Ride

Members and instructors want to make the most of their class time. They don’t want to waste minutes fiddling with complicated fitness trackers. The SPINPower Computer Console was designed with simplicity in mind. All the information that participants need (including watts, kilojoules, RPM and interval time) is clearly laid out all on one screen.

Everyone is literally on the same page; students and instructors don’t have to stop or interrupt class because they are on the wrong screen. Riders don’t have to start every class by entering in their age, weight or other personal info. Instructors don’t have to waste precious class time with setting up computers. Studios get the most of out of their sessions by enabling instructors and riders to just get on the bike and go. It’s only possible with the simple and efficient SPINPower Computer Consoles.

So far, we’ve seen how the Spinner Chrono Power and its SPINPower Computer Console deliver the best indoor cycling experience possible. Spinning strives to deliver this experience for one reason…

5. Guarantee Real Fitness Results

Power is the best measurement of performance on a bike. Every team in the Tour de France tracks their riders’ watts and power output. Now facilities around the world have the power to bring this technology to their members and deliver real results with the Spinner Chrono Power.

Combined with SPINPower education, which is backed by the latest health and exercise science information, instructors can lead exhilarating, effective classes that achieve their riders’ goals so that they’ll be eager to come back for more. With this new commercial bike, facility owners and their instructors can guarantee true fitness results to members. Upgrade your ride with the Spinner Chrono Power today. Learn More