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Paleo Mayo Chocolate Cupcakes | JoJo and Eloise

Paleo Mayo Chocolate Cupcakes | JoJo and Eloise

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Our Spinning® health experts have teamed up with Primal Kitchen to bring foodies healthy and delicious meals and desserts. We bring you this week's recipe for paleo mayo chocolate cupcakes courtesy of Angelina Fracchiolla. Check out more of Angelina's paleo and gluten free recipes on her blog, JoJo and Eloise.

Ingredients & Tools:

Recipe base from: The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook (pg.91) “Vanilla White Peach Muffins”Cupcake-IngredientsPrimal Kitchen Mayo1/4 cup cocoa powderMuffin/cupcake tin and linersEnjoy Life® Dark Chocolate Morsels - 1 bagPiping bag and tip


  1. Cupcake-FrostingFollow Paleo Kitchen Cookbook recipe
  2. Replace the white peaches with ¼ cup cocoa powder.
  3. Bake and let your cupcakes completely cool.
  4. Fill your piping bag with your Primal Kitchen Mayo.
  5. Insert your tip in the center of your cupcake and fill with Mayo until you feel the tip rising up out of your cupcake.
  6. In a saucepan melt your Enjoy Life® Dark Chocolate Morsels on low heat just until chocolate begins to melt (be aware they melt very quickly). Take off heat, stirring continuously to melt all morsels.
  7. Using a spoon or spatula spread on the tops of your cupcakes.
*Use the leftover Primal Kitchen Mayo in your piping bag to add decoration.

About the Author

jojoandelosie-bio200Hello My name is Angelina and I am the author of JoJo and Eloise. My blogging journey began mainly for my love of sewing and crafting. In the process of blogging I found myself occasionally throwing in a recipe or two, only because food seemed to be a quick fix to the, “I NEED a blog post NOW” kind of moments. With our oldest son being Autistic food was a way to reward and get him to try new things, I only wish I knew then, what I know now. The foods we were choosing to give him weren’t helping him at all, if anything, they were harming him and stunting his developmental growth. Our New Relationship with Food began 10yrs ago and since then our oldest has been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. He went from being on top of the Liver Transplant list to his Autoimmune going into remission all because we made the choice to let REAL FOOD be the platform to his overall internal healing.