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Increase Your Studio's Success With Spinning®

Increase Your Studio's Success With Spinning®

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Talk to any fitness enthusiast, and you can guarantee that a “Spin® class” is a big part of their fitness repertoire. And it’s easy to see why; combining a heart-pounding workout with the camaraderie of a group class is a recipe for fitness success.Today, riders have dozen of choices when looking for an indoor cycling class. But only one program brings all the best aspects of indoor cycling into one incredible package for facilities and gym operators worldwide—it just so happens to be the first name in indoor cycling.Spinning delivers complete end-to-end solutions for facilities. With a brand new line of commercial Spinner® bikes, your members will get a comfortable, authentic and injury-free ride for years to come. And with your world-class education, instructors can lead their students on exhilarating rides backed by the latest and greatest health and exercise science information. Here are a just a few more reasons to bring Spinning to your facility. 

Cycling Popularity

Since the invention of the first bicycle in 1860, no other invention has transported people worldwide than the bicycle. All around the world on every continent, people need their bicycles to get from point A to B in an efficient and healthy way. Cycling is practically a universal language. This enthusiasm has grown in spite of difficult weather and road conditions. Back in 1991, endurance cyclists Johnny Goldberg and John Baudhuin developed the first Spinner bike to deliver an authentic riding experience in the safety of the indoors. Thanks to thrilling group rides indoors, club members can become fitness enthusiasts year-round.

An Individualized Program Designed for Everyone

For our Official Spinning Facilities, we offer end-to-end support including free design and layout consultations, audio and video solutions, and a host of marketing materials and support. But our services don’t end there. We also offer the world’s best indoor cycling education to make instructors teach to the best of their ability. This goes beyond the typical exercise science information and best practices for keeping your students riding longer and achieving their fitness goals. We also teach instructors how to foster relationships with their students. Spinning instructors don’t just lead classes like an assembly line; they introduce themselves to new riders and assist with bike fit and proper form. This will gain more followers and inspire members to stay Spinning® all year round.

The Champion Mentality

At Spinning, we want all participants to find the champion within. This philosophy is bolstered by a global community that is dedicated to supporting one another and bringing the incredible health and fitness benefits of Spinning to everyone. This champion mentality extends to our Official Spinning Facilities as well. We are offering more and more solutions for facilities to get the most out of their Spinner bikes and keep their members coming back for more.