Advanced Spinning® Certification

The World’s Most Elite Instructors

For the last 25 years, Spinning has turned a quarter of a million fitness professionals around the world into the best indoor cycling instructors on the planet. Our instructors stand out from the pack thanks to the Advanced Spinning® Certification, a pathway that ensures our team is up-to-date on the latest science and strategies to deliver real fitness results to riders. Set yourself on the right path toward success with the Spinning Instructor Pathway and the Advanced Spinning Certification.



Spinning® Advanced Instructor Certification

Advanced Instructor Certification Pathway

Advance to the next level with our SPINPower® and Rockstar Instructor certifications. Once you obtain your primary certification, instructors can progress themselves to both a Level 2 (Advanced) and Level 3 (Elite) certified instructor. To become a Level 2 (Advanced) certified instructor, one would choose and successfully complete one of the below course offerings:

  • Rockstar Certification
  • SPINPower® Certification

To become a Level 3 (Elite) certified instructor, simply choose whichever of the two above courses you did not take to become a Level 2 (Advanced) certified instructor.


Revolutionize your ride with power-based training! The SPINPower program incorporates power, the most accurate measurement of performance on the bike, to help instructors deliver true fitness results. With SPINPower technology, riders see exactly how hard they are working, enabling them to measure their progress and see real results.


Rockstar Instructor

Rockstar Certification

Rockstar Certification includes practical and theoretical concepts based on the highest quality coaching practices, the latest scientific exercise and health information and progression in indoor cycling training. Instructors will first review the foundational principles of the Spinning program, then learn how to create amazing profiles that practice knowledge, skills, and techniques in a fun and effective manner.


The Spinning Bridge Certification is a condensed program created to facilitate more accessible entry into the Spinning Instructor Certification for specific individuals. The goal of the Bridge Certification is to allow professionals who are already certified through a nationally recognized indoor cycling organization to be trained and educated on the Spinning program philosophy and methodology. The Bridge Program is also an entry pathway to enable eligibility for the SPINPower® Instructor Certification program. This program is offered in both online and live formats.

Bridge Certification®