Joao Ferreira

Joao Ferreira

Spinning® Ambassador

Joao, a Spinning® Master Instructor, has been involved in the Spinning® program for over 10 years. Joao brings his passion for techno and electronic music and dream of being a DJ to Spinning, where he creates smooth and unique playlists never heard before. He brings this same passion worldwide, sharing knowledge through advanced courses, lectures, and certifications at global Spinning events and organizing his own events in Belgium.

My Favorite Quote

Let your ideas become dreams. Let your dreams become reality.

My Spinning® class in 3 words:

Sensations. Emotions. Feelings.

My motivation

Challenges and new experiences motivate me, especially if travel is included.

When I’m not on the bike, I’m…

Probably behind one of my computers.

My Favorite Food

Sushi, buffalo wings, and Portuguese food.