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This is Spinning® - enjoy the ride!

Spinning® is the original, authentic indoor cycling experience and we’ve been designing bikes for your favorite studios for nearly 30 years! Our bikes are made to fit riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities and replicate the feel and geometry of real road bikes with elegant and durable designs.

We continue to pour that same authenticity and expertise into every single bike that we design.

Built for high-performance, the Blade ION Connected Spinner® Bike is our home power bike and is the perfect choice for the home athlete or someone looking to level up their indoor cycling game. The Blade ION includes a SPINPower® Performance Crank so that you can measure your true output and effort. The included crank provides an accurate (+/- 1%) power measurement, making it one of the most accurate power solutions for indoor bikes. The Blade ION features a 350 lb weight limit and dual-sided SPD®-compatible pedals so you can ride with either sneakers or cycling shoes. The 40-lb flywheel and drivetrain give you the authentic road bike feel that Spinning® pioneered and you’ll love the convenience of the integrated tablet mount and dual water bottle holder.

Maximum Adjustability

The right fit means more comfort and better efficiency every time you ride! The Blade ION features maximum adjustability on the seat and handlebars: handlebar height and fore/aft plus seat height and fore/aft. The handlebar and seat fore/aft allow for microadjustment, meaning you can customize the fit at a very specific level.

Rider Height and Weight

Designed for a wide range of riders, the Blade ION supports riders up to 350 lbs and heights between 4’11 and 6’5. Keep in mind that 4’11 is not an exact minimum height because leg and torso length are the determining factors.

With its maximum adjustability, the Blade ION is one of the few indoor bikes on the market that allows for handlebars to adjust fore and aft, which helps you customize your reach so you can ride with increased comfort.

A Smooth, Quiet Ride

The Fusion Drive® Belt System delivers a smooth, silent and virtually maintenance-free ride.

Endurance is part of our Design DNA

Endurance isn’t just a ride category. The “Umbrella Style” resistance knob protects the internal mechanical components from sweat and in fact, we’ve incorporated this umbrella design concept into the entire bike! Every component is designed to shed sweat and increase the durability and longevity of the bike. There are virtually no flat surfaces and components fit perfectly together so that there are little to no entry points for sweat - you can reap the physical and emotional benefits of Spinning® for years to come.

Precision Resistance without Limits

The leather brake pad on the Blade Ion allows you to dial in exactly the resistance you want, and hold that resistance even when you pedal faster or slower. Dig into those steep hills and fire through your sprints with precise control over your resistance.

Hydration within Reach

We’ve added a sturdy, oversized dual water bottle holder to the handlebars so you don’t have to get bendy just to grab a sip after that brutal interval! Hydration is within reach anytime during your ride.

Performance Saddle

The commercial-grade saddle of the Blade ION features racing-style road bike geometry with a sleek silhouette that promotes freedom of movement. The saddle’s low profile and performance cushioning is perfect if you are a frequent rider because it allows for full movement and helps prevent chafing (’re welcome).

Dual-Sided SPD®-Compatible Pedals

All of our home Spinner® bikes, including the Blade ION, feature dual-sided SPD®-compatible pedals. Ride with any kind of athletic shoe or sneaker using the adjustable toe cages and straps or turn the pedal over and clip-in to your Spinner® bike with your SPD® cleats. We tend to recommend getting started with SPD® cleats because as cyclists ourselves, we know that this will give you the most efficient, powerful and safest ride possible by optimizing your pedal stroke, reducing foot fatigue and providing an added level of safety and support when riding.

Genuine Road Bike Ride Geometry

The Q Factor of the Blade ION mimics the Q Factor of a road bike, which means you ride with increased efficiency and a decreased risk of injury. The Blade Ion has a Q Factor that is consistent to that of an outdoor road bike to deliver better biomechanics and alignment through the hips, knees and ankles.


Front-end wheels make it easy to roll your bike to your favorite workout spot and move it out of the way after your ride. Wherever you place it, the adjustable leveler feet will ensure that the bike doesn't wobble on those uneven floors that you didn't even know were uneven.

Powered by You!

Because our content is delivered through your own mobile device and connects to your sensors (heart rate monitor, cadence sensor and/or power crank), the bike does not need to be near to or plugged into a power source.

Customize your Ride

We’ve created one of the most flexible indoor cycling experiences available on the market today. The Integrated Tablet Mount on the Blade ION accommodates tablets with up to a 9" span (up to a 12.9" tablet). The sturdy design is made for even your most intense rides, so your screen stays secure and steady while you turn up the resistance and crank out a workout. If you are using your phone for content, metrics or to stay in touch during your ride, the flat center section creates a secure spot for your phone, safely out of the “sweat zone”!

Choose your content, choose your sensors, choose your device - tablet, phone or tv! Your Blade ION can be used without relying on power or software which frees you up to ride with your preferred content or media. While we provide a complimentary subscription with your home bike purchase (and we know you’ll LOVE Spinning® Digital), you do not need a subscription or membership in order to use the bike. Your ride, your way!

What’s Included

Your bike includes a FREE 90-day subscription to Spinning®! Ride with rockstar instructors and experience performance-oriented training at home with the original, authentic indoor cycling brand. Classes on the are led by Certified Spinning® Instructors who are committed to coaching you according to the decades-proven Spinning® Program. New rides are added every week, so you’ll have a new challenge waiting for you each Monday!

Spinning® Connect™ Armband Heart Rate Monitor uses optical heart rate technology to provide accurate heart rate monitoring and features a breathable armband to fit comfortably on every body. Connects with the Spinning® Connect™ App, the Spinner Chrono®, SPINPower® Studio Computer and the Spinning® Studio Computer. The rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of workout time on a single charge. Magnetic lock charging cable is included.

SPINPower® Performance Crank comes installed on the Blade ION for accurate measurement of your power output and effort.

*After the bike is purchased, you will receive free trial directions for both apps in an email from Spinning®.

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