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Women’s Spinning Shoes That Work Best with Clips

When it comes to cycling shoes, cleats are essential. They allow you to clip in to your pedals and drastically improve your ride. Spinner® bike pedals are custom-designed with toe clips and toe straps to ensure that your feet remain firm and secure, but if your cycling shoes aren’t equipped to clip in, you will not be able to reap the full benefit.

The Importance of Shoes

If cycling is a part of your active lifestyle, your shoes need to complement the bike. For women, Spinning shoes can greatly improve performance and lead to a more comfortable and satisfying ride. At Spinning®, our stationary bikes are carefully assembled for maximum performance, right down to the most delicate detail.

By wearing the right shoes, you can maintain full control over your Spinner® bike. When you clip into the pedals, you achieve optimal firmness and positioning, which helps you to engage more muscles. As a result, you benefit from more balanced toning and strengthening. But once again, you can only achieve these benefits by choosing the appropriate shoes for your bike.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Strong cleats will enable you to clip into the pedals. But while there are many types of cleated shoes on the market, not all of them will give you the maximum benefit. At Spinning®, we only stock shoes that are specially designed to function seamlessly with Spinning® exercise bikes, ensuring that you get the best workout every single time.

We recognize that cleats are important, but cleats are only the tip of the iceberg. There are other important factors to consider as well. For women, Spinning shoes should be specially designed and fitted for maximum comfort, because women have different needs when it comes to shoes. For instance, women’s shoes require a narrower heel cup than men’s shoes.

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If you’re looking for a good pair of women’s cycling shoes, we recommend the Women's SIDI Dominator 5 Silver Mamba Shoes. With European handcrafted quality, these shoes will provide you with unparalleled comfort on the bike as well as off. Each shoe includes a Caliper buckle for easy fit adjustment, High Security Velcro® to ensure no slippage or shifting, breathable microfiber mesh panels and a low-profile Soft Instep Closure System® for improved breathability, suppleness and fit.

You might also be interested in our black Spinning® Energy Shoes or our Spinning® DMT Light Mag shoes. All of our shoes are designed with stiff soles for maximum power, breathable fabrics for absolute comfort, and firm Velcro straps for total security. Much like our bikes, our shoes are designed so that every tiny detail works to your workout benefit.

Check out our cycling shoes today and take advantage of our great values.

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