Master Instructor Team

Meet the Spinning® Master Instructor Team Leaders

The worldwide Spinning® Master Instructor (MI) team is made up of 150+ expert indoor cycling instructors with extensive fitness industry experience, outstanding dedication and exemplary knowledge of the Spinning program. Master Instructors lead instructor trainings which lead to instructor certification, as well as continuing education workshops.

Spinning Senior Advisor and Global Master Instructor Team Manager

Luciana holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and has been a Spinning® Master Instructor since 2000. She has been involved in fitness education, programming and management for over 20 years, holding multiple certifications in group fitness, personal training, and exercise testing. Other Accomplishments & Experience: Dancer, actress, and singer, choreographer in hip hop and fine arts.



Program Director of the SPINPower® Program

Angie is the developer, manual author, Program Director and Power Specialist Master Instructor for the SPINPower® Program. As the owner of Specialists in Sports Performance, she provides the highest level of performance coaching, metabolic assessments and global consulting.

Other Accomplishments & Experience: Power-based training expert and cyclists coaching, the original developer, program director of CycleOps Power Coaches Certification.

Spinning Brand Champion and International Master Instructor

For over 15 years, Josh has been a recognized leader with the Spinning program. He is a Master Instructor, former pro cyclist and a seasoned athlete competing at the highest levels of bike racing for over 18 years.

Other Accomplishments & Experience: A two-time State Road Race Champion, Specialist Master Instructor for the SPINPower® program and a participant in the Philadelphia International championship.