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Sugar Is More Toxic Than You Think

So, most of you know that I am kind of a lab rat of sorts. I used to be (and still am in some endurance sports circles) known as the anti-christ 5 years ago because I said that we need to stay away from carbohydrate (only ingested at key times) and train our bodies to burn fat. Endurance athletes, frequent exercisers and those looking to lean up should be focusing on lean meat, good fat (and a fair amount of it) and lots of veggies with very little fruit. Even doing a 3 hour cycling race people thought I was nuts because I would ingest a complex mixture of protein instead of insulin-spiking producst (gels, bars, etc.). Now, its all coming full circle. Sugar. The average American takes in 21 grams a day not counting other high glycemic carbohydrates (fruit, grains, breads). Empty calories, low nutrient value and most of all they set a cascade of nasty reactions in the body. Consume sugar, get fat. Taking in a lot of sugar spikes insulin. Insulin causes fat metabolism to cease and fat storage to kick in. Insulin also increases cholesterol levels. Even worse, this can lead to many inflammatory responses in the body. End result? Diabetes, vascular/kidney disesase and neurodegenerative diseases. The goal? Reduce sugar but look out for hidden sugars. Fruits, fruit juices, breads, grains, cereals and rice will all spike insulin. So will many dairy products. Focus on good fat, high quality protein and low glycemic carbs like vegetables. Stay hydrated. Train hard. Eat smart. Get lean.



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