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Spinning Shoes vs Cycling Shoes – What are the Differences?

When trying to discern between spinning shoes vs cycling shoes, you may find yourself wondering just how much of a difference it actually makes. In fact, it can make a huge difference, because different shoes are designed for different kinds of biking activities. If your shoes aren’t built for the activity at hand, you may not be achieving peak performance.

Spinning vs Cycling

Before we go into detail about shoes, it’s important to establish what separates the Spinning® program from cycling in the first place. One obvious difference lies in the fact that spinning takes places indoors, and is a stationary activity, but that doesn’t really satisfy the question. After all, not all indoor cycling activities constitute spinning.

The big difference is in the flywheel. Spinner® bikes, like the Spinner® models sold at, include a heavy weighted flywheel in the assembly. The average flywheel weighs around 40 pounds, and continues to spin even when the legs aren’t in motion. This forces the hamstrings to work overtime, resulting in a more effective muscle workout, more burned calories and better cardiovascular fitness. Not just any indoor cycle is worthy to be called a Spinner® bike.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Since spinning provides a far different and more rigorous experience than other forms of cycling, it’s essential to have the right shoes. One trip to your local sporting goods store should give you a sense of just how many types of cycling shoes are out there: casual riding shoes, mountain biking shoes, and road cycling shoes, just to name a few. Each shoe is optimized for a specific manner of cycling, and none of the aforementioned examples is ideal for Spinning® classes.

When it comes to the Spinning® Program, it’s absolutely essential to have firm, secure shoes that clip into your pedals, because when the flywheel starts rotating, you don’t want to lose control. On the contrary, you want to remain locked in so that you can get the most from your workout. That’s why Spinning® shoes are specially designed with cleats that lock into the pedals for maximum control.

Additionally, Spinning® shoes use high-quality Velcro to keep the fabric locked in place. The last thing you want is to feel your shoes shifting around while you’re in motion. The stiffer sole allows you to more effectively transfer power from your foot to the pedal, and best of all, Spinning® shoes are designed to take a lot of abuse, so you can keep riding again and again.

To sum it all up, all Spinning® shoes are cycling shoes, but not all cycling shoes qualify as Spinning® shoes. If you want to get the most from your Spinning® experience, shop for the kinds of shoes that were designed specifically for Spinning® bikes. We carry the best Spinning® shoes available, all expertly designed to give you the best workout possible. Shop now!

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