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Properly Hydrated?

Water is king!  Water constitutes over 65% of our body's cells, yet most people fail to drink appropriate levels of water throughout the day.  Why?  Lack of habit, I would guess. 

Many enthusiasts drink other beverages such as coffee, diet soda, juices, milk, and tea.  None of these drinks make up for plain ole' water.  In fact, if you find yourself attending a Spin class and not going hydrated or leaving hydrated, then your cells will suffer. 

So how does one get used to water?  Here are some very simple tips:

1) Add cucumber slices to the water

2) Add fruit to the water

3) Keep a water jug at your desk all day long

4) Carry a water jug with you whereever you go

5) For every caffeinated beverage you drink, drink a glass of water

Water keeps your skin vibrant, your cells young and your energy high.  Lots of water also allows for your lymphatic system to fight against viruses.  Besides, tis the season!

Water also helps you with every cellular process in the body such as mobilizing fat out of your cells, transporting vitamins and hormones, helping your gastrointestinal tract, to name a few.  Without enough water, acute discrepencies can occur, that aren't worth learning about.  Constipation?  Lack of energy?  The list can go on, or it can stop today by getting that water in.  So, drink up because you can!




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