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Getting Unaddicted to Sugar

Sugar seems to be in most foods and even if you think you are eating a healthy diet by trying to include all food groups: proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains, the problem is that high amounts of sugar are added to items such as yogurt, sugar occurs naturally even in a glass of nonfat milk and of course all those grains are converted to sugar during metabolism.

The only foods without sugar are protein and healthy fats. Many vegetables are also without sugar, and are loaded with fiber and enzymes.

Avoiding sugar is not just for weight loss. It must be a lifestyle. The health benefits of drastically reducing sugar will be realized only if eating a low sugar diet is a priority and true commitment.

Eating a diet low in sugar and low in starchy carbohydrates will assist your metabolism to burn stored fat as fuel which will guide you to a leaner body. Remember that your body can burn both fat and glycogen as fuel. The ultimate goal then would be to focus on fat as your major fuel source, by reducing the availability of glucose.

Sounds simple right? If you have been a sold out carb junky believing that every meal must include grains, dairy, and fruit, it will be a difficult process to switch over to getting most of your carbs from vegetable sources. It can feel downright awful at first, but you can get used to it. If you have avoided fat like the plague, it will be shocking how much you can and should eat (of the right kind) to create a body that is properly fueled.

Here are some recommendations for replacing sugary foods with those that are extemely low in sugar:

Coconut milk (unsweetenend), almond milk (unsweetened) make great smoothies when mixed with a protein whey powder. Yams and plantain are great instead of rice, pasta, bread or potatoes. Finely ground up nuts mixed with a small amount of water can make crackers when sliced and baked. Coconut flour and almond meal can be substituted for flour in any baking recipe, also use coconut oil instead of butter. If you do get a sweet tooth, dried fruit such as dates and apricots can replace deserts.

Essentially when you cut sugars, dairy and grains out, you will be inadvertantly going gluten free too and you may find that your whole digestive system picks up, the puffyness in the abdominal area diminishes and your bowel movements are much easier.

If you are afraid to go cold turkey, then just start replacing one food item per week and before you know it, you will be eating a diet low in sugar, high in protein, healthy fats and lots of vegetables.




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