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Does motivation from that upcoming event really work?

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! I've now completed 6 of the 8 Weeks of the 8WWL Spinning Program. Just 2 weeks left if there ever was a time to step it up, it is now. I feel like I'm going to have such a great result but why not really go for it! And talk about more motivation, my trip to Miami for WSSC11 will literally be the first thing I do after completing the program. Having future events on the calendar to motivate me has been extremely effective towards my accountability. I know this is nothing new for most of us. I've talked about living that healthy life style which sounds as if to lead that life we don't need motivational events along the way. Typically these types of events come to be and hopefully we are successful with a short term goal. Typically afterward we pull back the intensity of focus on healthy eating and maintaining a consistent exercise regimen. However, we can apply this philosophy to living the healthy lifestyle if used correctly. Currently I employ this method with a healthier twist. The old way the events on the calendar were usually some type of an event that by definition called for indulgences; events like an upcoming cruise, wedding, or family reunion. While these events often sparked some new motivation they always ended with over eating, excessive drinking, and being lazzzzyyy. Today I make it a point to plan future events that by definition are healthy or fitness oriented. Some of the recent examples are competing in a Olympic distance triathlon and running relay race with some friends. Future events include the completion of this 8WWL program followed by The World Spinning and Sports Conference. Further into the future I plan to run the NYC Marathon, and when that is complete I will plan the next. All of these events require training to be completed and the actual events are all fitness themed. My training for the 8WWL has intensified and last week I added 2 rides by Spinning in the morning and the evening for 2 of my 6 training days. I need to be ready for some of the Intense rides I've scheduled for my self at WSSC. I know these rides will be fun, unique, and exciting but I can't forget challenging. So I will prepare and that's just fine with me because preparation fits right in with a healthy life plan.



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