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Do You Need Cleats with Indoor Cycling Shoes?

Planning on taking a Spinning® class at your local gym or fitness center? Make sure you have the right shoes, along with a sturdy set of cleats. Indoor cycling shoes come equipped with cleat pods, and are intended for use with specialized cleats. The cleat pods are the cutouts seen on the sole of each shoe, to which the cleats are attached. Cleats are typically sold separately from the shoe, and many Spinning® classes and other indoor cycling classes require them.

Although indoor cycling shoes are perfectly functional without cleats, the cleats do provide an added measure of safety by clipping into the pedal, and they also enhance your workout. By connecting your shoes directly to the pedal, you activate more muscles during your indoor cycling workout and maintain more control over the mechanism. So while cleats aren’t absolutely necessary, they are enormously beneficial, and their value can hardly be overstated.

If you plan to get involved in an indoor cycling class, speak with the instructor to find out what type of footwear is required. Some classes are more lenient than others, and not all stationary bikes have the same types of pedals, so it’s always a good idea to do your homework beforehand. If the class is a Spinning® certified class, featuring Spinner® bikes, each bike should feature an SPD® (Shimano Pedal Design) system, and SPD® compatible cleats are very easy to find in stores and online.

If you need some indoor cycling shoes to get you started, check out our full line of durable, comfortable cycling shoes at Spinning®. Each pair of cycling shoes is compatible with SPD® cleats, and provides the perfect complement to our Spinning® bikes. So whether you plan to cycle at home or at a Spinning® facility, you can always be sure that you have the right shoes.

Shop now for all of your essential Spinning® gear, including shoes and indoor bikes. If you are truly passionate about the Spinning® lifestyle, consider becoming an instructor. Our Spinning® instructor certification program will give you all of the tools you need to become a top notch instructor in your area. So whether you want to inspire others, make new friends or just stay in shape, Spinning® has everything you need. Become a part of the revolution today.

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