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Comparing Indoor Cycling Bike Accessories

If you’ve joined the Spinning® phenomenon, or if you just consider yourself an avid indoor cycling enthusiast, you know that your stationary bike is just one piece of the puzzle. For instance, indoor cycling can be a pretty boring exercise without a good heart-pumping soundtrack, and you’re not going to get the maximum benefit if you don’t have the right pair of shoes.

Choosing the right accessories can be a daunting task. After all, how do you budget for the most essential pieces of equipment to complement your Spinning® lifestyle? Since most of us can’t afford everything that we’d like to have in our indoor cycling arsenal, we must make a determination about the essentials.

The Essentials

Certain indoor cycling bike accessories are important for every rider. For instance, if your seat has worn out after extensive use, the quality of your ride will inevitably suffer. When that happens, it’s time to invest in a new seat cover, like the Gel Seat Cover from Spinning®. Functioning pedals are also essential for any indoor cycling bike, as are cleats for your cycling shoes.

Enhancing Your Cycling Experience

Some indoor cycling accessories won’t make or break your cycling sessions, but can certainly enhance the experience. For example, a Deluxe Table Mount will allow you to easily read books or enjoy media on your favorite tablet while you ride, and a custom heart rate monitor can enable you to seamlessly keep track of those BPMs.

Accessories for Style

Not all accessories require a practical purpose related to cycling. Sometimes it’s just important look great while at the gym. Accessories like hats, bandanas and messenger bags can make a great impression. And while we’re on the subject of apparel, Spinning® socks serve a practical as well as aesthetic function, due to their high level of breathability and comfort.

Accessories for Spinning® Instructors

If you’re a certified Spinning® instructor, or if you’re interested in certification, you’re going to need a certified instructor patch, a Spinning® Ridebook and some great training music. You’ll be ready for every class with all of the necessary gear.

Shop Now

Whether you’re looking for apparel, replacement parts or assembly manuals, Spinning® has everything you need for your indoor cycling lifestyle. Check out all of our accessories and fulfill all of your cycling needs at discount prices.

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