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What are the Best Brands of Women’s Spinning Shoes?

For many women, Spinning shoes receive almost as much use as regular shoes. If you’re among the millions of women who enjoys an active Spinning® lifestyle, it’s very important to find the right shoes to provide you with comfort, flexibility, and of course, durability. But how do you find the best women’s Spinning® shoes on the market? There are many variables to consider, but let’s start with the brand.

Choosing the Right Brand

If you have spent any time researching cycling shoes on the Internet, you have likely been overwhelmed by countless listings for cycling shoes, coming from a seemingly endless array of different fitness companies and retailers. They all promise to give you the most bang for your buck, but not all of them deliver. If you want to choose the right brand for your women’s cycling shoes, why not go straight to the source?


The Spinning® program is not some basic indoor cycling program. The word “spinning” has entered the public lexicon as a generic description of indoor cycling, but we pioneered the program. For more than 20 years, women and men have used our groundbreaking Spinner® bikes to achieve new heights of physical fitness, and to date, nearly a quarter million certified Spinning® program instructors have taught our innovative indoor cycling classes in over 30,000 gym studios worldwide.

So if you’re using an authentic Spinner® bike or taking a certified Spinning® class, doesn’t it make sense to go with authentic Spinning® shoes? Our shoes are specially designed to mesh perfectly with Spinner® bikes, guaranteeing that you achieve the maximum benefit. Our cleats are designed to clip perfectly into the Spinner® bike pedals, and the fabrics are as durable as they are comfortable. Check out our Spinning Shoes page to learn more about the precise specifications.

Other Brands

Of course, we don’t solely recommend our own custom shoes. We also do business with some great shoe manufacturers who understand the needs of Spinning® enthusiasts. Most notably, we recommend SIDI, a premiere manufacturer of high quality cycling shoes. We endorse their shoes on our own site because they boast an outstanding level of comfort and durability, and make an excellent choice for people who use Spinner® bikes.

For women in particular, we recommend the Women's SIDI Dominator 5 Silver Mamba Shoes. Not only are these shoes extremely stylish; they’re also perfectly fitted to a woman’s feet, feature high security Velcro and are extremely breathable. These are just some of the benefits of these amazing shoes.

Shop Now

Check out the full line of cycling shoes for women and men on our website. Shop today and take advantage of all the great deals we have to offer. For men and women, Spinning shoes don’t get any better than this.

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