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Spinning Shoes vs. Regular Sneakers: Do Shoes Make the Workout?

Are you new to indoor cycling, or have you reached a point in your training where you think you could benefit from an upgrade in your gear? If so, it may interest you to know that one of the most important purchases you can make -- in terms of comfort and results -- is a good pair of shoes.

When it comes to exercise, most of us assume that running shoes or cross trainers are probably good enough. But if you’re serious about moving up to the next level of indoor cycling, some new shoes can make all the difference. Yes, a good pair of clearance sneakers or cross trainers may work for almost every type of workout activity, but they aren’t optimized for cycling. Here are some benefits that you will see if you take the plunge and get some professional-quality shoes for a Spinning® class:


  1. Thicker soles – Cycling shoes have a thicker sole, so all of your power is transferred to the pedals. This stiffer sole also helps to give your foot the support that it needs to prevent cramping, and to reduce the danger of injury.
  2. Tighter fit – Cycling shoes are designed to fit your foot more snuggly than sneakers can; this prevents slipping inside the shoe, which can cause blisters to form.
  3. Minimal cushion – Since you’re on an indoor cycling bike, there is no need for additional cushion inside of your Spinning® shoes. This means that your energy is transferred to the pedals, not dampened with cushion.
  4. Ventilation – Spinning® shoes are designed to be very well-ventilated, due to the extremely lightweight material that is used in their construction. Again, the result is that all your energy is transferred to the pedals, where you need it most.
  5. Cleats or clips can be attached to ensure that your cycling shoes are always in contact with the pedals, giving you greater control.
  6. There are many types of cycling shoes available to you and they all come with their own distinct advantages. There are cycling shoes that are designed to look like running shoes, which have recessed cleat attachments; or you could go with cycling shoes that are designed for triathlons, which are designed to be slipped off quickly, or even left attached to the pedals.

One thing to remember when you set out to purchase new cycling shoes- they’re intended to fit tighter than ordinary shoes. You’ll also want to make sure they’re comfortable while cycling, not walking and running. You’re not going to jog in them.

After you purchase your new shoes, consider drying them after each workout to ensure that they don’t stretch.

Spinning® bikes use SPD® pedals, and if you want to clip into the pedals, you will need a solid pair of SPD-compatible shoes. You can find a wide variety of affordable, durable indoor cycling shoes from Spinning®, the indoor cycling world leader. Browse our full selection today

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