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Néstor Salinas Castillo, Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor | Chile

Néstor Salinas Castillo, Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor | Chile

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018


Why did you start taking Spinning® classes?

To be honest, I’ve never took a Spinning® class as a student, I didn’t know anything about the Spinning program. Just for curiosity I took the Spinning Instructor Training in 2007, that was my first encounter with the program and the Spinner® Bike.

What inspired you to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor and then a Master Instructor?

The main reason that pushed me to become certified was--believe it or not--just to have another program in my fitness background. Then a couple of years later I had a surgery on my cruciate ligament from my right knee and guess what, the Spinning program helped me to overcome that hard period of my life. That moment marked me, because I just fell in love with Spinning, in that moment I understood how powerful the program is in a physical and mental way and how the program can act in a positive way in people’s lives. Then I just want to transmit that experience, that “secret,” with everybody! I want to lead others to this amazing job, and the way to do that was becoming a Spinning Master Instructor.


What do you love about teaching Spinning® classes?

I love the freedom this program gives to students, the options you can have to work in a very personal way. I love just the simple fact the Spinning is for everyone, it doesn’t matter the age, gender or fitness condition. It's easy, effective and secure. The mind-body connection, and the relationship between Spinning and music, I really love that.

What are your top three favorite songs to play during your Spinning® classes and why?

  • We Evolve (Original Mix) by SEQU3L
  • All Is Violent, All Is Bright by God Is An Astronaut
  • In The Air Tonight by Axel Rudi Pell

Why? Because this songs are so emotional and I always try to share more than a workout in my sessions.

What makes Spinning® such a great workout?

It’s fun, simple, effective, secure, you can train, you can be aware about yourself and your capabilities, you can visualize, you can reach physical and emotional benefits in each Spinning session. There are such great things you can get with the Spinning® program.

Share a memory from your experience as a teacher/coach/presenter that embodies the value of being a Certified Spinning® Instructor or Spinning® Master Instructor.

The thing is, in every class, in every event, in every Spinning Instructor Training, in every workshop there are a different experiences and different memories. The whole Spinning program is an experience. The fact that people trust you each time they come to you because you help them reach whatever they want, conquer their deepest fears, reach their highest dreams and turn them into real achievements. It’s a everyday experience.


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a Certified Spinning® Instructor?

Don’t hesitate at all! Just take it, your life will be changed it in a positive way for sure, just like it did with me and with more than hundreds of people every day. This is the most amazing and beautiful job in the world, it's just priceless.

What’s one of your favorite motivational quotes?

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”

Do you have a hero in the Spinning® community, someone who deserves recognition for their leadership?

More than a hero, he's some kind of inspiration. Martin Timmerman, he’s just from another planet, I’m impressed with his technique, knowledge, leadership, motivation, simplicity, humility, dedication and passion.

Is there anything about you that would surprise people?

Well, I think my spontaneous and unpredictable personality, you'll never know what I'll do next.Néstor Salinas Castillo is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program and has been involved in the fitness industry since 2007. In addition to his work as a Personal Trainer and Spinning Instructor, he serves as the Sub-Director of Spinning Chile, supporting and developing the growth of the program in this region. Nestor is also Sales Executive for Star Trac® Chile. He loves to ride his road bike, teach others, music, technology and graphic arts. He is also a musician, DJ and amateur composer, and owns NESmedia™, an audiovisual company oriented to fitness events.