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Elizabeth Hoffman, Spinning® Master Instructor | North Carolina, USA

Elizabeth Hoffman, Spinning® Master Instructor | North Carolina, USA

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Elizabeth Hoffmann Master Instructor USA

Elizabeth or "Lizzy" Hoffman, has been fascinated by movement her entire life. In her teenage years, she was professionally trained in ballet and modern dance and traveled abroad as a dancer for several professional dance companies. As a Spinning® Master Instructor, Lizzy stayed true to her obsession with movement and she holds a degree from the University of South Florida in Dance/Music/Choreography/Kinesiology. She joined the Spinning® family in 1996 and became the Spinning® Master Instructor for France shortly after moving there with her husband in 1999. For Lizzy, Spinning® is a way to connect herself and her riders to the present moment by creating self-awareness. Being mindful of how a rider feels, as well as being mindful of their heart rate and breathing, promotes self awareness and gives riders the life changing experiences they love and keeps them coming back for more.

Give. Give out to others. People that give out the most make the best Spinning® instructors.

Lizzy now lives in North Carolina with her husband and two chocolate labs. She owns a yoga studio called Urban Bliss, focusing on 200-hour teacher trainings approved by Yoga Alliance.