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Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor Néstor Salinas Castillo | Chile

Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor Néstor Salinas Castillo | Chile

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

When you use your gifts and mix them with your passion, then you have “a heart that changes people's lives.” Néstor Salinas Castillo, Spinning® Master Instructor and owner of NESMedia has proved this as he combines his talent for music with his love of Spinning, resulting in more inspiration for creative work, Spinning rides, and improving the health and quality of life of his riders.

About Néstor Salinas Castillo

Q: How often do you teach a week and where?A: I teach nine classes per week in one of the greatest clubs in South America; Balthus Club, in Santiago, Chile.Q: What is the most unique feature about your facility?A: Besides the great Spinning studio with 45 Spinner® NXT bike (soon there will be Spinner Blades), I think the club’s space, big fitness and cardio studios, spa, and Olympic-size pools  inside and outside. You have everything in there.

About My Profiles and Rides

Q: What song never gets old?A: The first that comes to mind is “Just Be” by Tiësto and “Separate Ways” by Journey. These songs still share their magic with us.Q: What is the most unusual, yet successful, song to play in class?A: To be honest I’m always searching for unusual songs to play in classes and deliver something different. A while ago, I used a song for a long free climb called “Sky Path (Extended Folk Mix)” by Chronos. It is one of my favorites actually. The acoustics instruments, digital landscapes and synth sounds, folk voices, progressive non-lineal rhythm has so much “inspirational content”. I remember perfectly how connected my students were with themselves on that unusual climb.Q: What are your Spinning essentials?A: Well, besides my Spinning gear and cycling shoes, I carrying with me an extra SPD® cleat and Allen wrench (in case students need it), extra audio cable, my MacBook, my water bottle and my enthusiasm.

My Favorite Things

Q: What is your favorite part of being a Spinning instructor?A: I have two favorite things that share the first place in this question. One is to unleash people’s potential and guide them day after day to accomplish their goals. The other one is to share a little bit about myself with my students in each class. It is like creating a family, you know.Q: Describe a rider/client that has recently inspired you to continue your coaching as a Spinning instructor.A: A couple of weeks ago, I received the following message from a special Spinning Instructor friend from Charleston, South Carolina, USA (that I met through Spinning):“You, my friend are so special. Your heart is changing people's lives. That is a rare gift that you willingly share. Lucky us!”

What I've Learned

Q: Tell a story about an embarrassing moment that changed your outlook on coaching.A: I remember in one of my first sessions as a Spinning Instructor, my cycling bottoms were broken, I don’t know why or how. So, in the middle of the class I tell my students that I have an emergency and I’ll be right back. I didn’t turn off the mic so, I was cursing all the way to the restrooms and when I came back all my students were laughing. That was an epic fail! Remarkable! I think I learn my wireless mic lesson.Q: What's your secret weapon to keep clients coming back?A: My secret weapon is the Spinning Instructor Manual and different types of workouts you can create in a Spinning session along with the Energy Zones™ (take a look at the Spintensity™ Workshop). And of course, smile! Your students will come back for sure asking you what will be the workout for today.Q: How have you had to shift your coaching methods over the years for different audiences?A: I remember when I started teaching classes shouting “up and down”, “add resistance” and those type of things, I think my sessions were like a dictatorship. With time, I realized that actually you can talk with your students, guide them and give them options instead of orders. Over the years, I’ve learned that the first thing to do is identify the students. There’s people who understand and learn by watching, others listening and others doing, also there are audiences that only want to train, others just want fun. There’s people that hate contact or get individualized and some people who like that. With time and patience, I learned (and I’m still doing it) how to handle these different situations and how to choose the moment and the most accurate sentence or cue and deliver it effectively in different ways, so each student can get it. Coaching is a “without-end” art that you’ll never stop learning.

The Business of Fitness: Owner of NESMedia

Q: What inspires you to combine your love of art and music with Spinning? How has it made a difference in the Spinning community?A: I think what inspires me is the fact to create a full emotional and unforgettable final experience, touching people’s hearts and emotions using the tools, sensibility, talents and gifts I have. More than making a difference, I think it’s about maximizing the Spinning experience and explore this potential more and more in every single aspect.Q: How has owning your own business, combining your  passions, brought you more unexpected opportunities?A: Well, owning NESmedia, I have the liberty to decide what projects take, so no stress at all about taking care of this business because is based also on my two passions that I loved: music and graphics/visuals. Unexpected opportunities? Yes! I mean I’m not looking out there for projects, so when someone contacts me asking about my work, that is totally unexpected! Teach simple, straightforward classes that are appealing to normal participants and encouraging for the other instructors.Q: What project, event or opportunity stands out as the most memorable or ground breaking?A: For an event, I think working on the audio-visual production of GIGANTOUR, one of the biggest Spinning Events in South America that is presented in Santiago. And for a project, a personal one comes to mind that I wanted to share with the worldwide Spinning community about my experience and the making of my Ride “The Human Equation” that I presented early this year in “The Underground Energy Zone™”, one of the best Spinning Events of the world that takes place in Poland. You can watch the video here.Q: What's in store for the future of NESMedia and Spinning in Chile?A: NESMedia is an audio-visual company oriented to fitness and business events. You can see my work in the above video.The NESMedia mission is to bring to life to clients ideas, working diligently for them and understanding their overall goals and objectives so that NESMedia can deliver outstanding materials for events and conferences that live up to their expectations.Plans for the future? Maybe you can see NESMedia on the graphics again in this new Team Ride at WSSC 2015.

Watch Néstor’s video of the Underground Energy Zone in Poland

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