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Four Victories to Celebrate from Your Fitness Routine

Four Victories to Celebrate from Your Fitness Routine

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

By Maggie Winzeler of WellnesswinzThe only reason I ran my first marathon was because of a 4-mile run. The shorter route is on a beautiful country road in my hometown and every time I push myself up and down its rolling hills, I reach a point of ecstasy. There is nothing in the world that can touch me then. It feels incredibly spiritual to be riding that wave of clear vision with joy bursting out of me. This “runner’s high” is what inspired me to challenge my stamina and train for my first marathon.Although finishing the marathon (with blistered feet and vertigo) was a major accomplishment, there’s something about the simple, quiet, unrecognized victory of completing my 4-mile runs that is way better. Exercise does that for you. It can make you feel AH-MAZING! But there are tons of little victories outside of running. Here are some more fitness victories that are worth recognizing, from the grandiose to the commonplace. They’re all rock star quality in my book.

“Gaining Weight”

Have you ever picked up a set of dumbbells or sat down on the bench press with your original weight and realized it’s not really challenging you anymore? Ding-Ding-Ding! You’ve graduated to a higher weight class, so to speak, and that’s a victory that makes you look around the gym with a grin, like “does anyone notice this awesomeness?!” No, no they don’t…but that doesn’t take away from your win!

“Alarm Ready”

Those weeks when you’re up and at ‘em with your morning alarm, shoes and exercise clothes set out already and prepped to hit the gym or your favorite trail. Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of being in a good groove and feeling productive for the whole rest of your day! Maybe this has only happened to you once...ever…but hey, it felt good, didn’t it?

 “The Skinny Dance”

You’ve been hesitant to go shopping for new pants but you’re finally tugging dark denim up your thighs in the dressing room when you discover….gasp…the smaller size fits! It fits! Go ahead, do a little celebratory “I feel skinny dance” in the mirror.

 “In Your Face!”

Have you ever accomplished something – anything – physical that others told you would be impossible? Maybe you successfully made it down your first black diamond on the ski slopes. Maybe you recovered from a devastating injury and completed a marathon in spite of nobody believing you’d never run again. Or maybe you were told that you have no rhythm and yet you showed everyone up with your confidence and newfound charisma in a hip hop class. Whatever the case, you have official rights to throw up your arms and scream “Yes!” You did it! Way to go.Do you have a victory from your fitness routine? Subscribe to our newsletter for more on how your love of fitness reaps priceless rewards!