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6 Tips for Taking over a Class from a Popular Instructor

6 Tips for Taking over a Class from a Popular Instructor

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

By Karyl SandsEvery time you start teaching at a new facility, you have the challenge of bringing more and more riders to your classes. Riders get comfortable with the instructors they have been going to for months, so when you have the task of taking over their class, you face the challenge of them being reluctant to experience a workout from an instructor they don’t know.Here are some tips to overcome the challenge of teaching for a regular instructor.

 Give a Killer Introduction

At the beginning of the class, tell them who you are, and how long you have been teaching. If you have other credentials, tell them what those are, especially if you teach other formats. They like to know who is teaching other classes that they may be interested in. And don’t forget to explain the goal that you are setting out to achieve as a class.

Be Overly Prepared, Even If You Are a Seasoned Instructor

With the format you are teaching, you need to be well prepared. One of the best assets you can bring is a great energy. As you are putting your playlist together, make sure it brings a fun energy to the class and also fits the format. Having some technical cues to show that you are knowledgeable, and also finding something that may be different from how the other instructor taught.

Promote your Class

Promoting your class will allow students to become familiar with who you are. Talk with the other instructors, especially the one for whom you will be taking over. When fellow instructors promote you as fun, energetic and knowledgeable coach, students will trust them. You can briefly introduce yourself before their class so they can get to know you.

Ask Students for Feedback

Students want to feel like they have control in their workout. Exercising under a new instruction may put them out of their comfort zone, so ask them what they liked about the last instructor and why they keep coming to that class. Also, find out what they want in addition to what the previous instructor taught.

Motivational Cueing and Music

Making the class fun is key. Although having some technical cues to show that you are knowledgeable is important, throw in some motivational cueing to help remind them why they came to the gym and to your class. Those small bursts of fun will add to the psychological effectiveness of the workout and keep your students motivated to come back again.


To grow your classes, work on building that trust with the students. You can bring guest passes for your students to share with friends to make the workout fun Referrals help generate business, which is the primary goal for any gym or facility owner. So not only are you engaging your students, but you’re bringing in business and keeping your employers happy too.If you can excel at engaging with the students, show them you are an expert at the format and can provide a great workout, you will earn the trust of the students and watch your classes grow.Ready to begin your career as an instructor? Register now to become certified today!