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5 Tips for New Instructors

5 Tips for New Instructors

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

By Karyl Sands As a new instructor, gaining knowledge and being confident with what you teach will help you offer the best class you can.Here are some tips to help you be successful with the classes you teach.

Take a Class from a Different Instructor

The best way to learn is from others. If you are new to a facility, you’ll want to know how to teach to the class you were hired to teach. Going to other instructors’ classes will enable you to see the riders that you will be teaching, take any ideas from how the instructors teach and allow you to learn as much as you can to be successful. If the students see you in the classes, they will get to know you and trust you to teach them. The more they get to know you, the more they will like your style of teaching.

Team Teach with Experienced Instructors

Team teaching is a great to provide a different atmosphere during the class. By blending different teaching styles, this creates an energy that allows the students to have a fun workout. Also with an experienced instructor, they will be able to provide feedback on ways to improve your cueing skills. It’s always good to have another perspective from an experienced instructor to provide feedback of how you taught. Encourage the students to also provide feedback because this class is for them. This is useful no matter how long you have been teaching.

Cue for Everyone

Cueing techniques need to be clear and simple. The students need something simple to follow to have an effective workout. Use words that are precise and straight to the point. This will take practice for you to be confident in the way you teach, but keep finding something new to focus on in each class. This will become second nature to you and will improve the quality of your classes. Taking workshops that provide more education on ways to cue is a great way to perfect your teaching.

Learn to Teach to the “Back Row”

Some riders are “green” to Spinning, while others consistently come to class and already have a good fitness base. Are you reaching all of them? The newer people go through different stages when starting their fitness journey. Recognize who they are. Connect with your students and help them feel like they are in control of their workout. Encourage a steady commitment to class before ramping up the intensity, and celebrate their immediate wins. This will keep them coming back to your class week after week!

Keeping True to the Program

You will create consistency and success with your students. There is a science and a purpose behind every one of our rides. Since there are many formats with different types of delivery, being consistent with the way the format was originally created will help your students identify with the technique. You can still be unique and find your own style while staying true to the program.Have fun with your class! If you’re having fun, your students will too!