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3 Ways Spinning® Classes Can Generate More Revenue

3 Ways Spinning® Classes Can Generate More Revenue

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

As is often the case in the fitness world, workout routines can grow stale, results will plateau, and enthusiasts will get bored if fun and variety aren’t injected into classes on a regular basis. Without those changes or progress, these classes can lose their attraction and value for clients. It is also necessary to stay up-to-date with the most recent class trends and programs, while trying to maintain your business. Fortunately when you are an Official Spinning® Facility, you can rely on a wide breadth of program support to keep a differentiated indoor cycling offering.Offering Spinning® classes as an option in your facility is an excellent way to offer an established, safe and heart-pounding workout to your members, while also bringing in some valuable extra revenue to your facility. Spinning® also offers a variety of programming for official Spinning® facilities that will help expand instructors’ knowledge and expertise when it comes to leading heart-pumping, high-intensity workouts. Here are three ways your Spinning® instructors can keep their classes fresh.

8-Week Programs

There are three 8-week programs that Spinning® offers for instructors who are looking for a fun way to invigorate their classes:
  • Weight Loss Program – With this program, you and your riders will be doing more than just great riders every day. This kit also includes tools to track nutrition and other healthy habits to keep those pounds at bay.
  • Grand Tour Program – The Grand Tour gives you and your riders the experience of competing as a world-class athlete! You and your students will learn how to take on hills and sprints, train for endurance, and complete the race as part of a team, regardless of fitness level and ability.
  • Performance Program – Take your workouts to the next level with this program. Not only does this program give you the tips and tricks to build your riders’ cardio, strength and flexibility, but also a complete, periodized schedule to keep them on track to achieving their fitness goals.
Each of these programs comes with an offer to buy ten for your riders or participants. By offering just one of these Spinning® 8-week programs to 20 participants in your class four times per year, you could generate more than $7,000 in secondary revenue. If you offer all three programs once a quarter to your classes, and you’ll earn an additional $23,000! Just take a look at one example of how these programs can help your facility’s bottom line:Rev

Continuing Education

To maintain our status as the world’s best indoor cycling program, Certified Spinning® Instructors need to continually develop their skills stay current with the latest in health and exercise science information. They can maintain their certification by earning continuing education credits (CECs), which are earned by attending Spinning® continuing education workshops, completing online courses, and attending conference sessions.Earning SPIN® CECs not only help you further your professional career, but it also leads you on the path to becoming one of the most sought-after instructors in your area. From special climbing rides to intense sprints, and heart rate training to weight loss expertise, your Spinning® classes and special rides have a tremendous impact on your participants, improving their mood and fitness, and making them eager to return to your facility for more.By combining all the wonderful elements of Spinning into your exercise program, your students will feel motivated to continue attending their favorite Spinning® classes and truly feel accomplished for ride after ride.