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20 Questions with Spinning® Master Instructor Lena Georga | Greece

20 Questions with Spinning® Master Instructor Lena Georga | Greece

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

This month, as we celebrate our courageous master instructors, find out what your favorite MIs love and what they consider to be a perfect day. Lena Georga shares her favorite things and embarrassing moments.


1.      How do you stay engaged and connected with being a coach?

With new seminars, lots of reading (and not only for my field) and new experiences. I feed the curious child in me and that keeps the fire burning! Also, when I see my clients reaching their goal that we’ve set together, that’s magical, not only because they see a change in the body but also in their psychology! That along is so rewarding to me, it’s the true essence of fitness! And yes, that’s my motivation!

2.      How often do you teach each week and where?

I normally teach 8-10 hours of Spinning® Classes per week at two facilities: Holmes Place and Athlesis. I have also extra personal training sessions and my own training, of course!

3.      What is a secret weapon that keeps your riders coming back?

Personal attention and leading a great example for my riders are my “secret weapons”! I use my strongest assets to keep them coming back for more!

4.      What is your favorite part of being a Spinning instructor?

Music, human interaction and meeting new and different people on a daily basis! Exercising in a safe and sound way with lots of fun! What else can I ask for?

5.      How do you get back on track when you over-indulge or fall behind with your goals?

I definitely don’t push myself to back track. I just give myself the time that my body and minds asks for and needs it. That will change when the time comes and I will be ready for more!

6.      What do you eat for breakfast?

Breakfast! My favorite meal of the day! I cannot move without indulging myself with a proper breakfast that includes: freshly baked bread, homemade marmalade, hot tea and when I need something salty, mozzarellas, tomato and prosciutto! Yes, I eat all these!

Lena-Georga-Body-57.      Where do you get your inspiration for class themes, profiles?

From my Spinning® Instructor Trainings, new students and Instructors have always given me a great inspiration for new rides and profiles, as their minds are "tabula rasa” clean as whiteboards, filled with new ideas and perspectives I’ve never thought before! Lots of times inspiration comes while teaching a regular class, from something that somebody said, from a smile, a joke or just a look!

8.      How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like getting on the saddle?

In a world that we are constantly faced with quotes like “be happy” and “be positive” all the time, with no discretions, I stick with the non-motivational mood and accept it because I am just human! I go with my flow and allow myself to not be motivated for a period of time and with this acceptance the scenery changes quite quickly! Try it!

9.      How have you had to shift your approach, coaching methods over the years or for different audiences?

From the easy tasks to changing the tone of my voice to the more complex cues, changing my coaching methods, and choosing more appropriate ones depends on the needs of the class each time. I also need to change my language so as not to speak the same words all the time, create different Spinning coaching profiles and exploring new unknown music genres to meet all riders’ needs.

Lena-Georga-Body-310.  What’s your favorite ride profile?

Endurance rides! I cannot help it, I just love them! It’s the base, it’s the most essential to start building a substantial fitness base and the one that will take your fitness to another level, even if you are an advanced rider!

11.  What is your pre and post workout meal?

Pre-workout I usually eat some energy bars and mix of nuts for instant energy. Post workout, depending on the time and energy spent, I usually eat a combination of carbs along with a good source of meat.

12.  Do you ride outside?

Yes! I ride my mountain bike as much as I can!

13.  Favorite time of day to teach?

In the evening, so as to combine it with a going out for a glass of wine with my best friend!

14.  How do you avoid fatigue?

By changing my fitness regime and my daily work plan when I can. I also have to thank my physician for the great massages that relax me after a lot of trainings!

Lena-Georga-Body-215.  Favorite fitness activity other than Spinning®?

Lately I’ve tried my first triathlon and I have to tell you I am super exited and in love with it! Last year I’ve also discovered surfing, when on vacations in the island of Ikaria. So this year I intend to surf some more waves along with my new board!

16.  When not on a bike, what are your other hobbies?

I like to create furniture with pallets and other stuff like handmade sandals and jewelry with shells.

17.  How do you find inspiration?

In the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people. Inspiration can be intrigued by almost anything if you have a vivid imagination!

18.  What is a training tip or mantra that you live by?

There’s no finish line…

Lena-Georga-Body-419.  What is a perfect day for you?

Wake up at 8:00 and have breakfast in the sun with my sister. Train for my next triathlon race, do my classes, and end the day drinking a glass of wine at the city center, near Acropolis, with my best friend and finally…kiss my boyfriend.

20.  Please share with us an embarrassing moment when teaching a Spinning class.

When I first started teaching back in 2003, at my first local facility, I was wearing a tight running pants which had small holes at the back for ventilation. At the normal light that was totally fine, but the room had black lights and I was wearing a colorful underwear that eventually all class saw clearly as the mirror was behind the Instructor’s back! They had a great workout that day, and I had to admit and after the first embarrassment I found myself laughing really hard along with my students who were mocking me!