Certification Renewal

Spinning® Instructor Certification Renewal

As a Spinning® instructor, the ability to keep your certifications up-to-date easily and securely is an essential tool. Keep your credentials valid with the Spinning certification renewal course. Simply renew now and continue to be part of the our global Spinning® Instructor community.

Certification Renewal

Your Spinning® instructor certification expires two years from the day you initially get certified. Keep your certification active by simply earning at least 14 SPIN® CECs before your expiration date, then paying the $79 renewal fee. As a SPIN Member, you receive a 50% discount off the original renewal fee.

Renew Now


Have you been expired for more than one year or need all 14 SPIN® CECs? Don't worry there are a number of steps you can take.

  • Complete a recertification course.
  • Reach 14 SPIN® CECs in one incredible weekend at the World Spinning and Sports Conditioning Conference.
  • Take a Spinning continuing education workshop and earn up to 6 SPIN® CECs.
  • Earn up to 5 SPIN® CECs by completing an online course.
  • Get 1 SPIN® CECs for each Spinning newsletter quiz you complete.
  • You can also petition SPIN® CECs for educational courses covering relevant topics such as heart rate training, cycling techniques, biomechanics and exercise science.