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To petition non-Spinning® continuing education credits (CECs) online towards your renewal:

Supporting documents – if you purchased the "Other" petition product please provide a description of the course you are petitioning (including the number of contact hours) and course validation, e.g. proof of certification, certificate of attendance (indicating number of CECs you earned) or conference validation form.

For all petitions:

  • • Please wait 2-3 weeks for your petition(s) to be approved. Log in to your instructor account to monitor status.
  • • You may only petition up to 6 CECs per renewal period, including CPR/AED and First Aid.
  • • Please submit only one petition per course. If you are petitioning a conference session, petition each session separately.
  • • There are no refunds for unapproved courses.

All petitions are subject to audit for one year after submission, so please retain your validation and certificate records.

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