August 2012

Spinning News
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From the Studio to the Road

The Spinning® program is acknowledged to be an excellent means to achieve and maintain general fitness and many people acknowledge Spinning class to be a great alternative to riding a “real” bike. But what some don’t realize is that Spinning training is the real why not take our students outdoors? Read on to learn how STAR 3 Spinning instructor Linda Freeman gave her Spinning students and other members of her facility the opportunity to ride as a group outside so they could see and feel for themselves how the Spinning program and outdoor cycling are one in the same.


From Toxic to Non-Toxic Beauty:  Get Your Glow Back

According to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, which is thousands of years old, whatever you put on your skin, you should be able to ingest. We love all of our skin products because they make us feel good and we want our skin to glow, but many people don't realize what these products are really costing us, not only financially, but health wise as well. Read on to learn more about these toxic products and how you can make the change from toxic to all-natural.


Travel with the Spinning® Program

Vacation time is the time to get away from everyday life, to relax, and to have fun, but it doesn't have to include sabotaging your health and fitness goals by not keeping up with your workouts. Read on to learn where you can ride while on vacation in some of the largest cities in the U.S. and in some of the most spectacular countries in the world.


Cross Train with CrossCore®

CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ is an evolutionary bodyweight training strap. The patented-lockable pulley system is two products in one. Lock the pulley for more stabilized bodyweight exercises, like traditional bodyweight training straps, or unlock the pulley and PULL THE PIN™ when you want to add rotational movement for increased exercise versatility, range of motion and challenge. Thanks to the heavy-duty pulley system, CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Trainers™ are the only trainers that not only utilize the users bodyweight as a form of resistance, but also utilize counterweights such as kettlebells, dumbbells and sandbags. CrossCore® easily attaches to any safe anchor point from 7’ to 11’ high. For more info please visit

Click here to see a demo video of the CrossCore180®.

CrossCore® is actively seeking Rotational Bodyweight Training™ Host Facilities throughout the US. Apply today!

Limited Time Offer for Spinning® instructors! From now until September 16, visit and enter discount code MADDOGG at checkout and receive 10% off your entire order.

Facility of the Month: Saratoga Cycling Studio

The Saratoga Cycling Studio LLC in Saratoga Springs, NY is the only Official Spinning® facility in their city. The studio philosophy is simple: have the best instructors and excellent equipment in a comfortable environment that anyone from a beginner to an avid outdoor cyclist can enjoy.

No membership or enrollment fees! All sign-ups are online making it easy and convenient for you to secure your spot in any class up to one month in advance.  Click to learn more about Saratoga Cycling Studio.

Would you like the facility where you teach to be featured in an upcoming Spinning newsletter? Enter your facility into the Facility of the Month Contest for a chance to win $100 to spend at for you and your facility!


Spinning® Social Circle

Don’t forget to visit our newly re-launched Spinning® Community Site! Get advice on a wide variety of topics from Spinning Master Instructors and elite fitness professionals. Looking to get more involved? Do you want to blog? We are looking for guest bloggers who want to cover and share their stories. Send us an e-mail at for more information.

How do you put the fun in functional training? Participate in our contest on the Spinning Facebook page to win awesome functional training items starting August 27-31! We will be giving away 5 sets of functional training items, including a Spinning Extra Large Gear Bag, CrossCore180®, Bodyblade®, Resist-A-Ball® and more!

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Continuing Education Workshops

Race Day Energy Zone
9/7/2012 Birmingham

Interval Energy Zone
9/7/2012 Birmingham

Strength Energy Zone
9/7/2012 Birmingham

High Intensity Training
9/9/2012 Birmingham

Creative Coaching
9/9/2012 Birmingham

Fighter Pilot: The Ride
9/7/2012 Marina del Rey

High Intensity Training
9/9/2012 Newark

Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games
9/9/2012 Lexington

Rating of Perceived Exertion: It’s More Than a Feeling

9/9/2012 Lexington

Spintensity: Periodization
8/26/2012 Petal

New Jersey
Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
9/9/2012 Wyckoff

North Carolina
Interval Energy Zone
9/9/2012 Charlotte

Spinning and Yoga
9/9/2012 Charlotte

Contraindications to the Spinning Program
8/26/2012 Youngstown

Interval Energy Zone
8/26/2012 Youngstown

Spinning Language and Visualization
9/9/2012 Laredo

High Intensity Training
9/9/2012 Laredo

Creative Coaching
9/9/2012 Richmond


Upcoming Events

On September 8–9 in Marina del Rey, CA, Mad Dogg Athletics is teaming up with MINDBODY® for the action-packed inaugural MINDBODY FitPro conference that will elevate your classes and business to a new level. Join us for more than 60 continuing education courses for fitness instructors and educators, as well as unique learning opportunities, including roundtable discussions with your peers and NBC’s The Biggest Loser panel discussion with past contestants. Learn more and register today.

Don't forget to register your facility for Spinning Nation 2012! On November 3, 2012, Spinning will be hosting the fifth-annual Spinning Nation event to raise money for the implementation of Spinning Rehabilitation Centers across the country. Your facility could earn the opportunity to donate up to 20 Spinner® bikes to a military base of its choice! Learn more and register today.


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