About the Spinning Program

About Spinning®
This is Spinning® — the original, authentic, exhilarating experience and lifestyle. And we’re honored and inspired to be part of your stories.



What is Spinning®?
In 1991, cyclist and entrepreneur John Baudhuin and South African ultra-distance cyclist Johnny “Johnny G” Goldberg introduced the world to indoor cycling. Working out of a Santa Monica, California garage, they created Spinning by uniting innovation in indoor stationary bike technology with an unprecedented cycling experience.

On Spinner® bikes, riders experience a challenging, exhilarating and fun workout. Knowledgeable and inspiring Certified Spinning Instructors — the core of Spinning — ensure riders enjoy the journey.

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Who is Spinning®?
We now celebrate our global Spinning community that speaks more than 25 languages, lives in more than 80 countries and rides in tens of thousands of official Spinning facilities with thousands of Certified Spinning Instructors.

You’ll find athletes equipped with the latest fitness technology riding next to grandmothers brimming with soul, all getting what they want to get out of the ride — whether they ride for fun, tuning in or zoning out, losing weight and improving health, getting ready to race or just enjoying the camaraderie of a group ride.



Leading Innovation in Equipment and Technology
We aim to design and build the world’s best performing indoor cycling bikes and accessories, creating the perfect bike for every type of rider. Always moving forward, we continue to strategically integrate the latest technology into select models, including computer systems that allow riders to benefit from real-time feedback and monitor their progress over time.

Educating Spinning® Instructors
Spinning instructors are integral and influential in our vibrant, deeply passionate global community. Providing high quality education for Spinning instructors is one of our priorities and fundamental for the future of Spinning. Our international team of 150+ Master Instructors help deliver our instructor education — Spinning offers the world’s most respected and recognized indoor cycling certification and continuing education programs. In turn, our Spinning instructors take riders into their hearts, not just their classes.

Global Community
The Spinning® program is not just about exercise. Spinning classes offer a variety of rides, movements, coaching and motivation that keep riders safe, excited and engaged. With over 20 years of experience, Spinning has cultivated a program and global community that delivers the highest level of group indoor cycling.

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