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Spinning Instructor Certification

SPINPower® Instructor Online Certification

Welcome to the next revolution in indoor cycling. The SPINPower® program combines all of the excitement of the Spinning® program with power-based training. Power is the best measurement of performance on a bike, so with SPINPower®, you’ll be able to guarantee results for yourself and your students. This comprehensive program provides a complete overview of power-based training and how to implement it with the current edge technology of the Spinner® Chrono Power and SPINPower® Crank. Learn every aspect of this exciting program on your schedule and from the comfort of home.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The Principles of Exercise Science and Physiology
  • What Power Is, How it is Measured and Why it is Important
  • How Power Relates to the Spinning® Program, Particularly Heart Rate, Cadence and RPE
  • How is Work Intensity is Measured on the Spinner® bike
  • The SPINPower® Zones and Personal Spinning Threshold Test
  • How to Create a SPINPower® Ride

Why SPINPower® Online Instructor Certification?

With your SPINPower® Instructor Certification, you will earn the same status of as our live training program. Not only do you have the ability to earn your certification wherever and whenever you want, but you also advance to the next level on the Spinning® Instructor Pathway. This pathway distinguishes you as an advanced instructor who can guarantee your students’ results with power-based training. Ensure your students’ success with SPINPower® today!

Course Outline:

  • Module 1 - Welcome & Introduction
  • Module 2 - Principles of Fitness
  • Module 3 - What is Power?
  • Module 4 - Measuring Intensity
  • Module 5 - SPINPower® Training Zones
  • Module 6.1 - PST Test Overview
  • Module 6.2 - PST Ramp Test
  • Module 7.1 - Profiles Based on Power
  • Module 7.2 - Building a Power Profile
  • Module 8 - Periodization & Progression
  • Module 9 - SPINPower® Ride
  • Module 10 - Conclusion & Next Steps

Course Duration: 8 hours

Credits: 14.0 SPIN® , 8 AFAA, 0.8 NASM, .7 ACE

Note: the SPINPower® Instructor Online Certification will not be recognized in markets where REPS accreditation is mandatory.