Training Details

Spinning Instructor Certification

This power-based program offers the most comprehensive certification and continuing education training, and it advances you to the next level of indoor cycling certification, setting you apart from other fitness professionals.

Note: While this workshop is open to all participants regardless of your indoor cycling certification, you can advance to Level 2 or 3 Spinning® instructor status with online Spinning® Instructor Certification or online Bridge program.

Topics include:

  • The principles of fitness training and physiology
  • What power is, how it is measured and why it is important
  • The relationship between power, RPE, heart rate and cadence
  • How to determine Personal Spinning® Threshold with a PST test
  • Power-based ride profiles and progressive programming
  • How to lead fun and effective SPINPower® rides that makes students feel like champions and ready to come back for more

Your registration includes:

  • SPINPower® Instructor Manual
  • 14.0 SPIN® CECs
  • ACE 0.7 CECs
  • NASM 0.8 CEUs
  • AFAA 8.0 CEUs
  • USAT 8.0 CEUs
  • USAC 6.0 CEUs