Spinning® 8-Week Performance Kit for 10 Participants

$339.55 $399.00

We are always looking to provide official Spinning® facilities with profitable programs that help your members make the most out of every workout. Available exclusively to Official Spinning Facilities, our 8-Week Performance Program is a unique, revenue-generating approach to helping your members meet their fitness goals. Earn over $1700 while you give your members the program they need to exercise with purpose, enhance performance and maximize results.


The Spinning 8-Week Performance Program Kit Contents:


  • 10 illustrated manuals*
  • 10 log books*
  • 1 program leader manual (with home study exam worth 5 SPIN® CECs)
  • Colorful promotional postcards
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Sign-up forms



*Manuals and log books for additional participants are also available.

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