Spinning® 8-Week Grand Tour Kit for 10 Participants

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The Spinning® 8-Week Grand Tour Program was designed to bring an extra dimension of excitement and enthusiasm to Spinning programs by embracing the athletic techniques and skills used by the world's top cyclists. And the best part of all is that anyone can participate in this program, regardless of their experience or skill level. With a periodized approach to training one cycling element each week, the program is varied, progressive and motivating. Participants will learn to use the Spinning® program and Spinner® bikes to train for endurance, climb hills, ride a time trial, sprint, and even be a part of a team effort in a race. All of this will be accomplished within the safety and comfort of the Spinning® studio, and each rider will have the ability to be part of the pack, while taking each ride at his or her own pace. Goal setting and log books are an important part of the program, and will help each individual to get the most out of the experience. With a focus on the all-around skills required to win a race, your group members are about to challenge themselves and train with purpose like they never have before. They'll see real improvements in their cycling technique, and you'll enjoy the satisfaction of leading them to success. Here's what is included:

  • 10 full color, illustrated manuals
  • 10 log books
  • 1 manual plus a downloadable leader guide for the program leader
  • 1 online exam worth 5 SPIN® CECs for the program leader
  • Spinning ride profiles to use throughout the 8-week program
  • Colorful promotional postcards, flyers and counter stands
  • Customizable PDFflyer
  • Manuals and log books for additional participants are also available for purchase

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