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Robbie Ambrosini, Spinning® Master Instructor | Spain

Robbie Ambrosini, Spinning® Master Instructor | Spain

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Why did you start taking Spinning® classes?

I had the opportunity to take my first Spinning® class in 1996 during my certification as a fitness instructor in Switzerland. Then the owner of the facility started with the Spinning Training and offered me to become a certified Johnny G Spinning® Instructor in 1997.

What inspired you to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor and then a Master Instructor?

As a triathlete, martial arts enthusiast and MTB, I found a perfect body-mind training in the Spinning Program as well. Once I became an instructor, I asked Theres Mosimann (Master Instructor and Director of Training Europe) in Interlaken SAFS Convention (1999) how could I become a Master Instructor and she motivated me to go for my goals and inspire people to teach Spinning as a Lifestyle.

What do you love about teaching Spinning® classes?

For me, it is to improve physical and mental aspect of cycling, discipline, finding your potential and feeling like a winner. This combination of cycling science and mental ability to overcome any route inspired me to transmit this experience to all and grow as a Spinning Instructor.

What are your top three favorite songs to play during your Spinning® classes and why?

The classics of my golden age, they catapult me back to relive those magical moments lived, incredible moments and emotions lived with Johnny and friends:

  • Banco de Gaia "Last Train to Lhasa"
  • Underworld "Rez Cowgirl" Schiller "Ruhe"

What makes Spinning® such a great workout?

Spinning for me is a Lifestyle and makes me achieve all the goals I wish.

Share a memory from your experience as a teacher/coach/presenter that embodies the value of being a Certified Spinning Instructor or Spinning Master Instructor?

I have many memories but an amazing one is a 72 year old woman that I had never met. She lives about 1.200 km away. She contacted me by e-mail asking how to get certified. From that moment I became her mentor and I am proud to say that currently she is teaching Spinning classes, full of energy and passion.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a Certified Spinning® Instructor?

If you feel it, go for it and give a piece of you to the program.

What’s one of your favorite motivational quotes?

"The unfolding of the bare human soul...that is what interests me." Bruce Lee / Honest self-expression.

Do you have a hero in the Spinning® community, someone who deserves recognition for their leadership?

John Baudhuin, the man behind the curtain, who makes everything possible for this discipline around the globe.

Is there anything about you that would surprise people?

I was an Ice Hockey Keeper from 7 to 21 years old and I still support the club of my heart HCAP Hockey Club Ambri-Piotta (Switzerland).Robbie Ambrosini is also a Swiss certificated Fitness Instructor (1996) and Personal Trainer (1999), Wing Chun Kung Fu & Yoga Teacher since 1998, Body Pump® Instructor since 2007, Kranking® Instructor since 2011, TRX Suspension Training® Coach since 2012, and Vivobarefoot® Running Training Coach 2014. He joined the Spinning Master Instructor Team in 1999 and currently teaches at Fibra Gimnasio in Málaga, Spain.