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Reneé Robinson, Spinning® Master Instructor | Texas, USA

Reneé Robinson, Spinning® Master Instructor | Texas, USA

Posted by Spinning® on Jun 5th 2018

With almost 30 years in the fitness industry, Reneè Robinson is a Spinning®, Bodyblade® and Resist-A-Ball® Master Instructor as well as Peak Pilates® MVe® trainer and a functional movement specialist.

Reneè resides in Houston, Texas where she is the Pilates Director at Timberline Fitness Studio.

As a Spinning Master Instructor, Reneè is also a contributor to Spinning educational programming with her expertise in circuit training. She contributed to the Spinning and Bodyblade Circuit Workshop and Get Loaded sessions that were originally offered at the WSSC Conference and Boston Balance in 2011. Get Loaded was so popular that Mad Dogg Athletics developed it into a continuing education workshop called Resistance Loading and Cadence Building.

The dense programming that we offer–people really care about it–and when you’re passionate about your programming, it just sets you apart.