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David Batch, Spinning® Master Instructor | UK - England

David Batch, Spinning® Master Instructor | UK - England

Posted by Spinning® on Feb 25th 2019

David’s entire career has been in the fitness industry in one form or another, from working as a lifeguard and personal trainer to coaching and managing health clubs. He has played many sports but his focus was rugby and squash; he has represented his country on the rugby field.

He has been a certified Spinning® instructor since 2007, Presenter for the Spinning® Program since 2010 and became a Spinning® Master Instructor in 2017. In his words, “Spinning® will help people get fitter but it is much more than just getting you physically fit. It can touch you emotionally, spiritually and help you escape from your day to day routine; it did for me.”

He believes that being part of the Spinning® Master Instructor Team has given him the chance to help educate other enthusiastic instructors/people on training correctly and effectively on the Spinners®.