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Survive the doldrums of winter and keep that New Year’s fitness resolution with our fitness tips and stories below. Plus, for a limited time, all Active and Performance Series bikes come with a free Resolution Survival Kit—$416 of Spinning® accessories to complement your personal fitness goals.

FREE with all Active and Performance Series Bikes

  • Spinning Connect™ Heart Rate Monitor: A heart rate monitor is the best tool you can use to track heart rate during exercise, as it offers immediate, continuous, accurate feedback—check out how to calculate your ideal rate for results!
  • Spinning® Studio Computer: The advanced technology in our latest bike computer tracks cadence, heart rate, time, distance and calories burned in an easy-to-read display. Measurable workouts = maximum results!
  • Spinning® 8-Week Weight Loss Program: Whether you're looking to shed pounds or just live healthier, this easy-to-follow program by Spinning® Master Instructor and Licensed Dietitian Jennifer Ward is key, featuring a manual, logbook, guidelines, workouts, shopping lists, and more. Read some of her tips below!
  • SPINtv™ Subscription: Enjoy our ever-growing online library of exclusive Spinning® Instructor-led rides to stream anytime from your home, so that even when you can't make it into the studio you can get all the motivation and guidance of a Spinning® class.

Resolution Survival Tip #5:
Stay Inspired—Spinning® Success Stories

Like mood boards, success stories from Spinning® enthusiasts and other athletes are sure to help you stay motivated when you get tired or start to doubt your commitment to your resolution. Check out a few of our favorite Spinning® love stories below. Bonus idea we love: make your computer desktop a favorite aspirational image so that even during the work day, you’ve got success on the brain.

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Active Series Spin® Bikes For the Spinning Enthusiast

The perfect way for Spinning® enthusiasts to supplement the studio schedule at home and take fitness to the next level.

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Performance Series Spin® Bikes For Discerning Riders & Athletes

The strength of our commercial bikes for the dedicated athlete so that even when the weather doesn't accommodate training, we do.

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Resolution Survival Tip:
Don’t Quit When You’re Fit: Endurance Training is Key

No matter where you are in your personal fitness journey, once you start really seeing results it’s easy to be tempted to call it quits because you’ve “achieved your goal.” This is actually the time to really push yourself! Base training can start with aerobic comfort and weight loss but endurance training is key for long term fitness goals. Read on for some of reasons from Spinning® Master Instructor Peter Pastijn on why endurance training is needed for everyone—not just new riders or people looking to lose weight.

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Resolution Survival Tip:
Fuel Your Body the Right Way, Even When You’re on the Go

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, bulk up, or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, hydrating and eating properly is a crucial component of your personal fitness goal. Here are a few of our favorite guidelines from Spinning® Master Instructor and Registered Dietitian/Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist Jennifer Ward—whose 8-week weight loss program you can get for FREE with purchase of any Active or Performance Series home bike.

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Resolution Survival Tip:
Beat Excuses with a Free Personal Instructor—Even at Home

Starting a personal fitness resolution is the hardest part, we know. So get over the challenge of embarking on goals by roping in a workout buddy—a fantastic way to set goals, stay motivated, and maintain accountability. While Spinning® studio classes will give you a room full, what do you do when you and your workout pal(s) can’t make it into a class or it’s too cold to leave the house? Read on—we tackle some of our favorite pesky excuses for not working out.

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Resolution Survival Tip:
Track Your Progress with Heart Rate Monitoring & Energy Zones™

The days of counting your pulse are over: A heart rate monitor is the best tool you can use to monitor heart rate during exercise, as it offers immediate, continuous, accurate feedback. A simple strap around your chest pairs with a watch on your wrist that displays your heart rate in beats per minute. Of course, those numbers on your watch won’t mean a thing unless you know what your target range is, right? Don’t worry—that part is easy too; read on to find out how!

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