CrossCore® System


Used by top fitness professionals and athletes worldwide, the CrossCore® System takes bodyweight training to an entirely new level with both static and rotational suspended bodyweight training with the turn of a knob. When the pully is locked, the CrossCore® functions like traditional straps and easily adjusts to any user height. Unlock the pully with the turn of a knob and the CrossCore® becomes a dynamic training system that allows rotational movements that will take any workout to the next level. Attach a kettle bell to one side and the CrossCore® becomes a pully weight trainer, perfect for isolating muscle groups and training your core.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Increased main rope diameter
  • Easier locking and unlocking of pulley wheel
  • Color markings and audible clicks verify locking motion in progress and pin engagement
  • Rope Adjuster Device™ (RAD™) allows easy adjustment of handle placement and rope lengths

SKU: 4100-CC-360
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